Turn your dreams into reality and positive. Psychological affirmation tips

“Affirmation” is one of the techniques often used in coaching as a tool to change oneself positively. Affirmation is a technique that uses the subconscious mind to improve one’s self-image.

Where you don’t notice … the unbelievable influence of the subconscious

The subconscious is our unconscious part. In psychology, it is believed that the unconscious subconscious part has a greater impact on a person’s life than the actual conscious part that he or she is aware of. The subconscious mind is involved in one’s own behavior that cannot be explained logically, impulsive behavior that is stimulated by emotions, and dreams that one has when sleeping.

It is also a place where memories of the past that cannot be immediately remembered are stored, and the information accumulated in the subconscious influences the beliefs and self-images that I somehow have. The subconscious mind is said to have a larger amount of information storage than the actual consciousness, and it influences the person’s thoughts and behavior patterns on a daily basis in the part that the person is not aware of.

Clarify the image you want to be and the goals you want to achieve

Affirmation is a method of using words and images to repaint the information stored in the subconscious mind. Create the image you want to be, the goal you want to achieve, the thing you want to get, etc. with positive sentences and images, and make it a new memory in yourself.

The subconscious mind is constantly capturing information, so affirmation creates new memories and upgrades your self-image. Then, the person will naturally develop a sense of self-affirmation and self-confidence, and will be able to catch and approach the information necessary to achieve their dreams and goals.

The self-image that the person has is made up of various layers, such as memories of the past, the influence of the environment in which he grew up, and the information he sees and hears in his daily life. Affirmation is a technique that can magically increase a person’s self-affirmation if used well, but in order to repaint the self-image that overlaps with the layers that sleep in deep psychology, it is repeated every day. It is very important to keep going.

Tips for not negatively affirming

There are positive and negative affirmations. Positive affirmation is a way of positively imaging your ideals, dreams and goals and remembering them.

Negative affirmation is a method of going with a positive imagination, but with anxiety such as “it shouldn’t work so well”, “it can’t come true”, or “I think it’s impossible”. The subconscious does not have the ability to judge and select “positive” and “negative”. We take everything as it is, so it’s important to affirm in a 100% positive state if possible. Emotions in particular have a strong influence on the subconscious. While affirming, it is effective to be conscious of “how do you feel?” And experience the image with positive emotions that make your dreams come true and your ideal self.

Stop throwing self-denial words at yourself right now and start a positive affirmation!

Make your dreams and goals come true with the “collective unconscious”

Behind the subconscious is a layer of unconsciousness called the “collective unconscious” as defined by psychologist Carl Jung. This is an unconscious layer that transcends the individual level, and is thought to connect all humankind and all living things. It is also said that the collective unconscious stores information accumulated at a level that transcends time and space, and affects people’s consciousness in a mysterious way that cannot be explained logically.

It is thought that it is a collective unconscious to experience so-called “synchronicity” events such as the information necessary to make a dream come true by affirmation naturally approaching or meeting the necessary person. Has been done. To harness the power of the collective unconscious, it is said that “setting dreams and goals that have a positive impact on as many people as possible, not just yourself,” is effective. When you make an affirmation, imagining that being happier will have a positive effect on the people around you will lead to more synchronicity.

An affirmation that enhances self-affirmation and allows you to fulfill your dreams and gain confidence in yourself. Please use it as a tool for changing your consciousness.

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