What is Hooponopono?

Based on an ancient Hawaiian technique, they aim to erase toxic thoughts and reprogram emotions. We tell you what words are recommended for each situation.

Ho’o = “do something”
pono = “balance something” , “bring something into  harmony” “correct something”

ponopono leads to a more intensive approach.
thus towards “perfection” .

Thus, Ho’oponopono can be translated as “ the way to perfection ”, or as a way  “back to God” to one’s own heart  .

Ho’oponopono is a system of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing practiced for 5,000 years by native Hawaiians.

In ancient times, the practice was always group and guided by the shaman of the tribe. In this way, when they needed to solve problems between them, they met, applied the phrases involved in this technique and resolved their disputes, without violence, discussions or wars. That’s how it worked for thousands of years.

Today it reached our simplified scope and adapted for its application individually. The merit of this update is by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona,who was also responsible for spreading it in colleges and universities and presented it to the World Health Organization.

Hooponopono : How does it work?

The foundation of ho’oponopono is that humans systematically repeat toxic thoughts, mental patterns and negative emotions that come from our ancestors, past lives and everything that is acquired in the early experiences of childhood and in the later development of our lives. This information must be erased, and then really ourselves.

Hooponopono : How to apply it?

The technique is based on the repetition of certain phrases, as if it were a mantra. It can be done at any time of the day and without limit. Here, some of them.

How is it Practiced?

It’s very simple! Ho’oponopono consists of repeating a series of words, as if they were a mantra. While there are many words and prayers, the most common ones are:“Sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you.” All four have high vibration and healing ability.

By repeating these words mentally, you transform negative energy into positive and generate a state of mind of calm and peace, freeing up thoughts of low vibration and connecting with divinity. By expanding your consciousness, you allow the divinity that dwells within you to cleanse all thoughts and memories of pain that do not allow you to advance.

You can repeat these words in the order you want and at any time of the day, trusting that circumstances that you no longer wish to live, are erased from your reality.

Hooponopono Prayers and Mantras:

The profound meaning of each word:

Every thought is and will be charged with a charge of energy and force.
The more the question is, which energies, power charges I would like to send out.
Constructive and life-affirming or negative destructive thoughts?

In the Ho’oponopono, Dr. Len passed on a mantra which he derived from the traditional Ho’oponopono .

He used the following four sentences from the Ho’oponopono, this is a mantra and not a forgiveness ritual.

I’m sorry: when you say it, you take responsibility for being the creator of your reality. You feel the suffering of your ancestors and those around you; you recognize the pain you’ve caused others, many times unintentionally.

Forgive me: in saying so, you do not seek forgiveness in someone else, but you ask forgiveness for yourself for all memories of pain and accept that you are responsible, but you free yourself from feelings of guilt.

Thank you: gratitude is a state of high vibration and when you thank for your family, for your life and for all that brings you happiness, you affirm your faith that your order will be resolved for the greater good. The strength of gratitude can heal any pain!

I love you: when you say it, you claim that you have love for the whole universe. You connect with self-love, acceptance and trust in yourself and everything around you.

How can the four sentences of Ho’oponopono help me?

Prayer formulas or mantras that are spoken or thought over and over again have a very, very strong healing effect. Ho’oponopono and the four sentences or many other forms of suggestion and mantras are important elements to change something in life . They act like healing herbs on the mind and thus on the circumstance of a negative situation.