Letting go of Fear, Anxiety & Doubt

Fear is the exact opposite of love; love is the energy of attraction, as we have discussed in previous blogs, and in order to attract our wishes, we must be linked to the energy of love.

Consequently, we can reason that if love is the energy of attraction, then fear, which is the energy diametrically opposed to the energy of love, should have no attraction-producing properties.

Please allow me to explain that this is not the case; on the contrary, the power of attraction of fear is the same force of attraction of love. Please allow me to explain. What is causing this to occur:

For the reason that we live in a dual universe, where everything has an opposite and many intermediate stages between them. For example, heat and cold are the same thing; they are both temperatures, with many intermediate states and certain extremes, but they are both the same temperature. 

We may still think about everything and everything, including light and dark, peace and war, up and down, good and terrible, and so on.


As a result, in the case of love, fear is its polar opposite, and there are many states in between; it is the same energy, the energy of attraction, but it exists in different states at different times.

How to get over your fear

Preparing for any exercise to manifest our goals through the law of attraction is the first step, and in order to do so, we must first generate in ourselves a feeling of love; this can be joy, peace, bliss, or compassion; all of these feelings are manifestations of love; and then, yes, we must creatively visualize or imagine what we want.

In our lives, the attraction of fear manifests itself when we are not actively constructing our reality, that is when we let our minds rule us, bouncing from one idea to another all day without regulating our emotional state.

As a result, we may be producing out of fear, which shows itself in sentiments such as insecurity, rage, despair, or self-pity, among others. As a result, it is critical that you learn to adjust your attitude whenever the situation calls for it.

Even though we are already on this path and doing our exercises to manifest our reality, we can be created in a state of fear when we are overlooking this point and doing the exercises to attract in a state of fear, such as disbelief, desperation for immediate results, or suddenly, to some extent, we are hoping that what works for us will cause harm to others.

Living in fear: Law of Attraction.

The difference between drawing things or situations into our lives when we are in a state of love and while we are in a state of fear is the benefit of the outcome.

It is a gift to have the fruits of our works of love come into our lives and the lives of all others who have been touched by them. In the long term, they offer happiness, success, and contentment to their owners.

Nevertheless, the benefits achieved via the power of attraction of fear are not infused with permanent enjoyment and will, sooner or later, cause significant unhappiness in the one who experiences them.

This is why, even if a person is not a conscious creator, but rather lives life on automatic pilot, if that person is always in a high emotional state of love, always appears cheerful, positive, and happy, enjoys assisting others, rejoices in the well-being of others, and lives life in that natural state of love, always good things will manifest, it will become a magnet for money, for good relationships, and opportunities.

The emotional state and intents with which we make our conscious or unconscious creations, in other words, determine the long-term value and happiness that our conscious or unconscious creations provide.

As previously said, understanding that fear is simply the furthest degree away from love, but that it is the same energy, implies that once we become aware of this, we have the ability to change any fear into a level of love.

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