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A simple 60-day plan that leads you through a model way to achieve your goals may be beneficial for those who are enthused about applying the Law of Attraction but don’t know where to begin.

These eight-week Law of Attraction planner’s guides will walk you through the process, with three days, in the beginning, to get you started and then three days at the conclusion to review your progress.

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3 day start

The need for self-care during this three-day preparation phase cannot be overstated in order to be in the appropriate mental space for the manifestation to take place.

When this time comes around, some individuals like writing in their speculative journals or participating in other forms of creative activity, while others prefer to chat with others who encourage and inspire them.

You might also be interested in reading success stories from people who have used the Law of Attraction, as well as learning more about the scientific underpinning of the law.

Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to ensure that it instills a sense of optimism and excitement in you.

Week 1: Finding Your Life Purpose:

There are numerous exercises you can do to figure out what your life’s mission is, but one of the easiest is to write a list of the things that excite you with unfettered passion and joy in your life. 

After reviewing this list, you may begin to brainstorm the specifics of what you want to do next (for example, if you love to learn, your life purpose might be teaching).

If you are already certain that you understand your life’s mission, you may use this week to increase your level of confidence in that understanding. 

If you are convinced that this is your calling, for example, consider the things others have said to support your conviction and write down the reasons why you have every right to carry out your mission.

Week 2: Building a Vision:

Following the identification of your life purpose, the second week is dedicated to creating a clear mental picture of what it would be like to live that purpose. This method aids in raising your vibration and attracting the things that you are picturing into your life.

In this case, the typical Law of Attraction tactics to utilize is creative visualization and dream boarding (which you can do by following the instructions I’ve published elsewhere), but you should keep improving your vision throughout the seven-day period. After this week, you should be able to see, smell, and taste the life you desire to materialize almost as clearly as you can now.

Week 3: Set Big Goals:

What are the outstanding achievements you must achieve in order to achieve your goal? You will need items such as a good location, a certain amount of money, various types of promotions, and so on if you want to start your own business based on your life purpose.

In addition to jotting down your goals, make a note of any deadlines you have set for yourself. If you’re in the market for a relationship, you may set a goal for yourself that you’ll have a new online dating profile by the end of the month and that you’ll have at least 8 dates in the next six months.

Inspirational Quotes On A Planner

Week 4: Create a Step-by-Step Plan:

Now that the major objectives have been established, it is time to break them down into smaller objectives.

As a result, in the business example above, you will begin to consider strategies to create cash for your company as well as creative ways to market what you have to offer.

While going through the third and fourth weeks of the program, it is critical not to lose sight of your good sentiments and bright vision for the future (even if you are primarily focused on practical steps).

Every day, in addition to all of your preparations, visualize!

Week 5: Programming Your Mind for Success:

Maintaining a strong mental state and preparing yourself for success is essential for the Law of Attraction to work in your favor and make your goals come true.

Affirmations such as “I am ready to receive the life I know I am destined for” and “I exude confidence and success to everyone I encounter” can be used on a regular basis to aid in this process.

Similarly, to maintaining a gratitude diary of all that you are grateful for, scribbling down the things that people are grateful for about you is a good idea.

Week 6: Creating Positive Habits:

What good habits can you develop to assist you in achieving your specific goal and keeping a happy attitude in general? For example, if you are looking for love, what behaviours might help you enjoy dating more successfully, even if they do not result in the discovery of your true love?

When it comes to seeking wealth, how do you deal with your views that money is difficult to get by or your preconceptions that you will never be able to achieve abundance?

This week is all about making little adjustments that will keep you in a positive frame of mind and focused on your objective.

Week 7: Take Action:

Finally, it is time to put your ideas into action that you developed throughout weeks three and four.

Start with anything modest, but make sure to perform many of the productive activities you’ve previously identified that will increase your chances of success. As you go about your business, be confident in what you know you will accomplish and allow others to benefit from your inherent optimism and goodwill.

Week 8: Learn to Let Go:

In week 8, you may take on one of the most difficult tasks connected with the Law of Attraction: letting go of your desire and placing your faith in the world to provide you with what you need to succeed.

The more you hold onto what you want to materialize, the more it sends confusing messages and creates tension in the process.

Make an effort to believe that you can and will achieve your goals, and make an effort to really enjoy every step of the journey! Even while you are waiting for your goal to come true, life may be beautiful.

3-day evaluation

Make a comparison between where you are now and where you were before you started working on your action plan. It is true that you will experience beneficial effects, but what exactly are those changes?

In order to help you acquire the types of abilities that make manifestation possible, the 60-day plan is designed to help you concentrate on your goals and clarify what you actually want out of life.

However, there is always more to learn and always new methods to enhance one’s usage of the Law of Attraction, therefore one should never stop learning and improving.

Continue reading, paying attention to your instincts, and striving to live the life you deserve.

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