What is the Subconscious – The law of money, love, and attraction

It is said that there are two things in our consciousness:

“Awareness of Manifestation”

“Apparent consciousness” means the consciousness that we can usually be aware of thinking about something.
On the otherhand, “subconscious” means consciousness lurking in the back of the mind without being conscious.

These are often likened to “icebergs floating in the sea”. Only about 10% of the parts are visible on the surface of the sea, and the remaining 90% are submerged below the surface of the sea.

A similar composition applies to people’s consciousness. The part that comes out of the surface of the water is the apparent consciousness, and the part that is hidden under the surface of the water is the subconscious (see the figure above).

In other words, only about 10% of the influence of the actual consciousness that we usually think about is about 10%, and in fact, the influence of the subconscious, which is sinking unconsciously, is much larger.

According to a brain science study, 95% of our thoughts are already dominated by the programmed subconscious (many of the programs are made by experience up to the age of five). After all, we unconsciously repeat the behavioral and thought patterns that were ingrained in our bodies as children, even as adults.

Subconscious scenarios

Now, we are greatly influenced by the subconscious before we realize it, and it has a big impact on our entire lives.

The life plan that the subconscious has is called a scenario (screenplay) in psychology. And we think that life is a process of acting out scenarios that each has individually, and the unfortunate person is acting out an unfortunate scenario.

In other words, the idea is that the reality that appears in front of the person, both unhappy and happy, is created from the scenario of the person.

Here’s how it’s all about:

“Experience up to the age of 5 creates a subconscious (scenario), and that subconscious creates a reality (life)”

People can only take what the subconscious allows them to do.

What we should not forget about thesubconscious is that “people decide what they deserve in the subconscious.”

In other words, even if you have a dream or a goal, it is difficult to realize it unless it reaches the subconscious.

The subconscious feels that it is not suitable for me no matter how much it is desired by the material consciousness.

How much “I’m going to succeed!” Even if you wish, if you feel that it is impossible to succeed in the subconscious, that will become a reality.

Therefore, if you really want to fulfill your dreams and goals, you need to instill them into the subconscious. The person who fulfilled the dream or achieved the goal is the person who succeeded in it.

Joseph Murphy, who advocated for the “law of the subconscious,” said in his book:

Whatever you carve into your subconscious, it is enlarged and increased, and it appears on the screen of reality. If you sow seeds in your subconscious, you will harvest the same kind of things you sowed.

Money and subconscious

The relationship between money and the subconscious is discussed in many laws of success. There are a lot of people who are subconscious and have negative feelings about money.

I’m sure it’s a value imprinted on the subconscious at an early age.

“It’s lowly to talk about money.”
“The rich are stingy and have a bad personality.”
“It’s a virtue to work hard without losing to poverty.”

There must be a lot of people who have this idea set in the subconscious.

However, it is not easy to make money in the real world with a negative subconscious about such money. The more money you make, the more guilt you get.

After all, “A person can only receive what the subconscious allowed himself to do.”
In the end, you don’t get the money you want unless you dispel negative feelings about money.

Love and subconscious

This is not limited to money. The subconscious also greatly influences work, love, and happiness.

For example, when it comes to love, it would not be easy to get a happy love or partner if the subconscious thought:

There can be no happy marriage.” “I am destined to be abandoned by the same sex after all.”

In the same way, if you think subconsciously about work and happiness, you will be drawn to it.

I can’t work. I’m sure I won’t be happy.

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