Affirmations for abundance

Prepare today to receive, through these affirmations of abundance, all the strength, motivation, and energy to go out and live life fully, safely, and confidently in the abundance that divinity has arranged for you.

The Best Abundance Affirmations

These are the best abundance affirmations that we have chosen for you to prepare from within each day, to attract all the opportunities, wealth, and abundance that are already there for you to enjoy when you become aware of them.

I am free, rich, and happy. 

Around me, I only see infinite abundance.

I am the embodiment of abundance.

I am worthy of a full and abundant life.

Life is full of new opportunities.

I know how to transform time into money.

Everything good manifests in my life now.

I have the right to enjoy the wealth of the world.

I am able to help many people improve their lives.

I recognize the opportunities that come my way every day.

I am aware of my contribution to an increasingly better world.

I feel abundant, I feel powerful, I feel capable of everything.

With my prosperity, I contribute to a better world.

I tune in each day to the energy of abundance.

I don’t let anything distract me from living the life I want.

Every day I feel better, more confident, confident and worthy.

I open my arms to wealth, money, love, health, and happiness.

I will wrap myself forever in the blanket of divine abundance.

I live in a magical world where only good things happen.

My business brings me abundance, wealth, and happiness.

I allow abundance to come into my reality and stay forever.

I just have to enjoy what already belongs to me by divine right.

I see abundance, I breathe abundance, I touch abundance.

I have the necessary abilities to create my reality and attract what I want.

I live life intensely and I know that I always get more money than I spend.

I enjoy the pleasures that life offers me without taking anything away from anyone.

All the people in my world have access to the infinite wealth of the universe.

My life is a reflection of my inner state of infinite abundance and happiness.

Thank you for the shower of blessings that rain down every day in my life.

I can spend as much as I want because I know there will always be more money.

I feel divine abundance within me, around me and in every aspect of my life.

I walk and move through streams of money coming to me from everywhere.

The abundance of all good things manifests itself in my home, my life, and my business.

I immerse myself in the stream of abundance that surrounds me and overflows me with its riches.

Abundance comes to me in the form of money, travel, property, business, peace, health, love, and opportunity.

Do not forget to repeat these affirmations of abundance every day with the best possible attitude, feeling powerful, feeling every word you say from within. Raise your head, walk straight, confident, smiling and expect only the best in life.

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