Find True Love with the Law of Attraction

Without a doubt, one of the most fundamental human requirements in order to live a full and happy life is to be loved and to understand how to discover real love.

It is essential that love exists from the time of our creation and continues to exist at all phases of life thereafter in a completely right universe.

When we are in love and fully reciprocated, life feels wonderful; everything is perceived in a completely different way; joy floods us; we are motivated to do many things and every one of them brings us closer to God. Because love touches everything in our life at all levels.

It is the reason why, when we are in love and fully reciprocated, life feels wonderful; everything is perceived in a completely different way; we are motivated to do many things and every one of them brings us closer to God.

Love is something that we all desire.

Nevertheless, we must learn how to discover a love that lasts a lifetime. This love should not be something that we ask for with words or with our actions; rather, love should flow freely to us and be a really limitless source of energy for our spirits.

We must learn to avoid bringing our ego into the connection with us.

When we reach one of the most beautiful stages of a love relationship, such as falling in love, we begin to feel attachment, fear of losing that person or losing their love, and that is when our ego begins to manifest itself, leading us to believe that we rely on the person who loves us in order to be well, and that is when we can start a chain of behaviors based on our fear that will cause us pain.

Relationships have a certain amount of temporality and uncertainty, and when we learn to live them from this perspective, we can live them intensely and without fear, savoring every moment. On the other hand, when the ego begins to fill us with feelings of anguish about losing a loved one, we become full of attachment, we never want to let go of it, and this gloomy outlook becomes our reality.

When we lose the person we love, or when we no longer believe that he loves us, a huge emptiness invades us and pervades everything in our lives; everything loses its significance, and everything becomes impossible to deal with.

The law of attraction might help you find love.

Prior to learning how to find love, we must first understand that love is a quality of the Father, that it comes directly from him, and that we fall in love from the spirit. As a result, we must understand that in order to live a life always full of love despite the normal fluctuations of life and conjugal relationships, we must be connected with the only true source of love, which is the Father, the Self, God, or whatever name you want to give him.

As soon as the two individuals in a relationship learn to live in this manner, with the connection of love at the spiritual level, the relationship blossoms into a state of complete, intense, and long-lasting bliss.

Exercise to learn how to find love?

I’m going to share with you a wonderful exercise that will assist you in maintaining and achieving that primordial connection with your being of love, which will be reflected in all aspects of your life, and as an art of magic, you will live connected with love and it will flow through you and through the world. to everyone and everything in order to attract only the greatest people and things into your life.

How to Find Love: Steps to Take

As comfortably as possible, sit in a chair with your back straight, your body relaxed, your legs uncrossed, and your palms resting on the thighs of your legs.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

In order to activate your pituitary gland, say something like: I activate my pituitary gland, I activate the right hemisphere of my brain, and now I comprehend what the left hemisphere of my brain is saying.

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Combine this command with visualization by imagining that your brain is completely operational and generating powerful beams of light upwards that link with the father’s rays.

Now imagine a beautiful pink beam flowing down from the Father and entering via your pineal gland and continuing down to your heart chakra, where all of this bright pink light begins to concentrate and throb and spread until it surrounds the entire globe. This is what you should feel now.

feel as if you are a sun, emitting bright pink strong light from your body.

Put your attention on the light that enters your heart chakra with each inhale and then spreads to include the entire globe with each exhalation.

Focus exclusively on experiencing how you are the source that receives the light of the father’s love, which flows through you and spreads to embrace everything for a few minutes at a time. Feel that this light is love.

Maintain this connection for at least 10 minutes at a time. You may repeat this process as often as you like, but I recommend doing so at least twice a day.

This exercise to learn how to find love will give you immediate results. You will notice how your energy changes and how, despite the constant movement of life events, you will always have the right person to grow and be happy with; you will attract true love, and you will be surrounded by people who care about you and want the best for you.

As long as you maintain consistency in this practice, your life will begin to alter in ways that you can’t fathom.

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