What is Tapping for Abundance and Money?

In our quest to understand and use the law of attraction, it is critical that we learn to regulate and release ourselves from negative emotions. 

What exactly is tapping?

Despite the fact that tapping is a very simple technique, its effectiveness when it comes to releasing pent-up emotions, or even emotions that we are not even aware of having, but which have become deeply embedded in our process of spiritual and personal growth without us being aware of it, is unsurpassed.

Anyone may learn how to use it and reap its instant benefits since it allows us to direct our nervous system to react in a certain way with only a few minor motions. It is really simple to use.

Tapping refers to the act of creating a tiny touch or movement with the fingers in certain locations on our body that causes our nervous system to respond. For this method, we employ the fingers, which can be one, two, or three fingers, depending on how comfortable the individual is with them.

The emotional release technique (ERT) is a technique for releasing negative emotions.

Using this emotional release approach, we work with our physical bodies to release emotions, and this is based on the notion that our bodies and our emotions are not distinct entities; we are a collection of matter, energy, emotions, thoughts, and so forth, and everything is interconnected.

Every one of these factors contributes to who we are and what we experience in our lives; some are more subtle than others, but all are equally significant in terms of the impact they have on who we are and what we experience.

What is the technique for tapping?

The following are the steps to successfully session tapped for wealth: The tapping technique is a series of fingertip touches on certain regions of the body that stimulate the nervous system in a specific order and at a specific time, resulting in the utterance of words.

To apply mild pressure, we must use the tips of our fingers (1, 2 or 3), with two fingers being my preference.

Whatever you think is appropriate for tapping or pressure, as well as the amount of time it lasts while repeating the words, can be used.

The following should be done in the order of importance:

When training karate, this is the side of the hand that is used to strike the opponent with the strikes that are delivered.

When training karate, this is the side of the hand that is used to strike the opponent with the strikes that are delivered.

On the crown of the head or the top of the head

The third eye is located in the center of the forehead and is known as the third eye chakra.

There are a hundred of them. You have the option of doing it in both or just one.

Below the level of the eye Either in one or both.

Between the mouth and the nose.

Take it on the chin.

Below is the level of the clavicle bone. It can occur on one or both sides

It can occur on one or both sides

Specifically, under the armpit. Either in one or both.

That is, after all, the objective of karate.

It is necessary to identify the emotion that is causing us It is necessary to identify the emotion that is causing us In this particular instance, we will be working to unlock the economic component.

Once we’ve established this, we’ll need to come up with a phrase that will serve as the accompaniment to the first tapping motions.

In this statement, you should include the problem you intend to work on as well as the acceptance and love you have for yourself, for example:

Despite the fact that I have not yet attained the financial independence that I desire, I accept and love myself.

Our session begins with a three-point tapping sequence, and we only repeat this phrase three times within that period (karate point).

In the next parts of the tapping, we will speak words that describe how we are feeling in relation to the emotion that we are working on; the phrases will be the ones that come to mind at the time, for example, in the instance of a lack of money, they might be phrases such as:

I’m sorry for not being able to enjoy financial independence.

I have not been successful in obtaining the funds I require.

I am dissatisfied with my current financial position…

Following each round of tapping, we repeat the process, constantly repeating a word that reflects the negative feeling that we are focusing on until we feel a bad emotion totally take over our being.

Person Putting Coin in a Piggy Bank

Does tapping have any effect?

You may believe that the tapping technique is ineffective since after you have tried it, and if you have done it correctly, you will feel quite uncomfortable.

The sensation of discomfort we experience is the result of our neurological system responding to the emotion that has afflicted us.

This method brings this feeling to the surface in its entirety. However, this pain will only last a few minutes at most.

As soon as we have been able to bring this feeling to the surface, we will be able to let it go and free ourselves from it, and we will experience a sense of freedom.

At the moment where we feel relieved from a wave of negative feelings, we can finish our tapping session while continuing to tap in the same order for another round or two, but this time tapping the negative words to positive ones. In the context of the economy, the following phrases can be used:

I was able to release whatever was preventing me from accumulating riches.

I’m experiencing a sense of abundance right now.

I can spend all of my money any way I choose…

These repetitions are completed in a succession, and the total session can last between 5 and 6 minutes. You can perform this exercise anywhere between once and three times each day. You will be surprised by the outcomes as your emotional response to the circumstance changes.

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