Do I need to meditate to manifest?

No, meditating is not a basic requirement to be able to manifest successfully. We constantly manifest with our thoughts and feelings. If you are convinced of your goal, can feel it, see it, taste it, if you focus on your goal and are accompanied by good joyful feelings….. then your desire will materialize, one way or another.

Why is meditating still recommended? Why can it be helpful? What is the purpose of meditation?

All masters i know from the present and past see the art of meditation as a basic prerequisite for spiritual growth. Meditation consciously means dealing with its innerness, dealing with silence or being only in “being”. Meditation is the art of consciously calming body and mind in order to be able to consciously feel the inner source in order to consciously make contact with it. The focus is on the word “conscious”. They practice “letting go”, the “conscious letting go”.

If you are not able to bring your mind to rest in a targeted way, you have no real control over body and mind. The results depend on your intension.

Meditation is a matter of practice.

When you sit down and you notice the mind and body constantly distracting you through involuntary thoughts, tingling and nervousness then you will still be distracted by your surroundings and your mind – who does not want to give up control.

Meditating is not about manifesting something, but about signaling to the body and mind that they can and should come to rest. This not only allows people to come into contact with their own inner source in a targeted and conscious way, you can instill your body and mind in the process. You become calmer and more relaxed, you regain control of your mind, which is constantly looking for employment and does not want to stop thinking and acting.

There are more than enough scientific studies that prove that meditation can be a healing and fountain of youth for body, mind and soul.

We put our bodies in a state of rest in healing, in which we can activate our self-healing powers for all areas of our lives.

It has a positive psychological and physical effect on us. People who meditate regularly cope better with the stress of everyday life, feel more balanced and often feel more energy. It’s like a little holiday from everyday life and a visit to yourself… the inner core that shines like a radiant light in us, a visit of the soul that is not arrested in our everyday mess. Mastering this helps in all areas of life.

No, you don’t have to meditate to be successful in manifesting your goals… but you do yourself something good if you master the art of meditation, if you stand up to this exercise and signal specifically that you want to restore control over yourself, no longer want to rush around as a plaything of your thoughts and mind. In addition, this inner feeling of happiness can be successfully combined with manifesting.

For this reason, most successful people take the opportunity to meditate daily and learn to switch off from everyday life, to be clear and centered in order to better manage everyday life and not to get carried away in the hustle and bustle.

For many people, meditation is difficult. Meditation is a natural state as we evolve inwardly in all dimensions. It takes patience and perseverance. The reward is that we are no longer dominated by our troubled spirit, but we rule our minds.

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Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith

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