Reasons Why Law of Attraction isn’t working:

However, after having had the chance to thoroughly grasp and practice the law of attraction, you continue to wonder why the law of attraction isn’t working for you.

If you deliberately believe that you have been studying everything you possibly can about this great law for a sufficient amount of time, it still does not work for you.

However, although time is relative, it is different for each individual. Time is defined as the period of time when you feel that you have fully assimilated this information when you feel that you think differently and that you are distinct from the rest of the world.

The application of the law of attraction results in a significant shift in our thinking, our behaviors, and, consequently, our lives.

If you believe that you have already reached this point, that you have transformed from the inside out, that you have learned to focus on your desires, and yet you have not seen any results, I recommend that you follow the steps that we will discuss later to remove the blockages that you may be experiencing. These are almost certainly the reason why the law of attraction is not working for you at this time.

What am I doing wrong that the law of attraction isn’t working for me?

The law of attraction is always correct; what we create in our lives is always a reflection of what we are attracting into our lives.

Remember that it takes time for the law of attraction to break the inertia of something that has been manifesting in your life for a lengthy period of time.

Thus, what you have today is the result of what you created in the past, and what you are attracting today is the result of what you will see in the immediate future.

When you take this into consideration, ideas like the following occur to you:

The money does not arrive despite your efforts to materialize it, or it does arrive but vanishes or incurs higher than usual expenditures upon arrival, resulting in the money failing to arrive at all, despite your efforts to manifest it.

If you are having difficulty fulfilling your fundamental financial obligations as well as those of your family,

If you still believe that money is difficult to come by,

If you feel that you can only obtain what you desire through the use of money,

Then it’s time to go deeper and figure out why the law of attraction isn’t working for you. What is the root of the problem?

photo of silhouette photo of man standing on rock life

What should you do if the law of attraction isn’t working for you anymore?

Learn how to connect with the energy of plenty and make money your best friend by following these steps.

Make use of awareness techniques to identify and eliminate your limiting ideas about money from your subconscious mind.

Learn how to re-program your subconscious mind with new thoughts about wealth and plenty. Develop the attitude of a millionaire.

Learn how to take care of your vital energy and how to enhance it.

Pray for thankfulness on a daily basis. Staying in an attitude of appreciation allows us to eliminate the obstacles in our path, and with each passing day, we will discover new things to be thankful for.

To summarise, it is important to understand that when we connect with our inner being, money’s energy will inevitably flow into our lives. In other words, living a full spiritual life eliminates any blockages and ensures us the economic abundance that we so desire. Therefore, concentrate on raising your level of consciousness.

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