Gratitude: A Daily Exercise

It is possible to achieve higher spiritual states faster if we include appreciation in our everyday lives. The sense of appreciation transforms any lower-frequency feelings into higher-vibrating feelings almost quickly.

It’s natural for us to assume that when we hear the word “thank you,” it always refers to something we should do for someone else, and it is true that this is quite essential.

When the expression of real thankfulness is included, any relationship undergoes a transformation. Giving thanks to someone helps that person feel appreciated and leaves him or her with the urge to elicit the same feelings of appreciation from us in the near future.

Additionally, whether we feel grateful to God, the universe, life, or anything else we choose to name, the same impact occurs when we are depressed. When we genuinely communicate our feelings of appreciation to the universe, the universe responds by providing us with more and more appreciative circumstances again and over.

The things for which we should be most grateful are the things that are constantly there and, as a result, we do not even recognize their significance, but that, if they were not present, our lives would be drastically different from what they are.

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Exercise the Law of Attraction to make you feel grateful:

When we want to be thankful, we may not be able to come up with any compelling reasons to do so.

You will discover a plethora of things to be thankful for as a result of this activity.

You can achieve it in two ways: by envisioning it and, if feasible, by really doing it.

Imagining it:

Consider the example of health or vision or even afoot. We can imagine it with any number of things in this situation.

Your health, vision, or feet can not be taken away, but you may think about how your day would be different if you did not have any of these things throughout the day. The exercise can be done throughout the day or at the conclusion of the day.

At night, reflect on your day and consider how your day might have been different if you had not had health, or a foot, or whatever you have decided to be lacking.

He told you that you would be overwhelmed with gratitude, and it is this emotion that you must nurture on a daily basis if you are to continue to receive more things to be thankful for.

Doing it:

In this instance, you are free to go without anything for the entire day, including television, mobile phones, the internet, and even food.

A huge sense of appreciation would overtake you for all you have in your life, even if you are not aware of how significant it is, he further promised you in his words.

Exercise gratitude to help you change a troubled relationship:

You will see results in a very short period of time with this thankfulness practice to improve any relationship, no matter which one you are working on; it is absolutely miraculous.

Consider the characteristics of that person that you detest or remove yourself from the most, and you will make a 180 ° shift in your perception of them; you will view them as the opposite, and you will express your gratitude to them from the heart. As an illustration:

If your spouse is late for dinner on a regular basis, you will no longer question him or her in a condescending manner: “Why are you usually late?” Thanks in advance if you don’t say something along the lines of I know you couldn’t get there earlier, but I appreciate the fact that you are constantly on the lookout for me.

No matter how many times you have to do it in a row, this individual will get more and more concerned about satisfying you on a daily basis.

If it’s with your children, who, for example, do not listen to you, it’s a different situation. You can tell them things like: I’m grateful that you’re my son; you make me proud and thank you. As in the prior instance, he will feel appreciated and will not want to fail you. Nonetheless, you should continue to think of him in this manner.

The fact that it is true requires us to make the effort to believe it ourselves and thank it from the heart. At first, it may not appear to be very sincere, but it quickly transforms, and since we do not believe ourselves, the other person does not believe us either.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the mother of all others.” Cicero

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