Affirmations to Balance all Chakras

The Affirmations to balance the chakras are based on a relatively simple tool that may be used in conjunction with other exercises that activate the chakras, such as yoga, aromatherapy, visualization, and so on.

However, we may also utilize them on our own, at any time of day, and from any location.

Having learned what chakras are, you may begin working on each one to open and balance them, resulting in greater health and harmony in all areas of your life.

Affirmations for the chakras can help us to balance, open, cleanse, heal, and harmonize any chakra that we are working with.

You may use them as you wish; you can select one or many of them depending on whatever chakra you are working on at any given time.

Affirmations for the chakras

Affirmations to balance the first chakra

I have.

I have the right to enjoy my divine heritage.

The universe sustains me.

I am a divine substance.

I am the manifestation of abundance and divine provision.

My roots are part of the roots of the earth.

The flow of the earth runs through my body.

My body grows stronger with every breath.

I live in harmony with my body.

I listen to my cells and take care of them.

I am one with life.

Affirmations for the second chakra

I feel.

I am a creation.

I live in harmony with my feelings.

I am in control of my emotions.

I am connected to my creative center.

My body vibrates with the energy of life.

My sensuality is balanced, powerful, and full.

I can express my sexuality fully.

I live with joy and enthusiasm.

Affirmations for the third chakra

I do.

I recognize my inner power.

I flow with the energies of the universe.

I think I feel, I act.

My being expands.

I am a movement and force in harmony.

Inner peace floods my entire being.

I have the will to do the things I want.

I enjoy life.

I let go of the beliefs that limit me.

Affirmations to balance the fourth chakra

I love it.

I am ready to give and receive.

I listen to my heart.

Love springs from my heart.

I heal myself through love.

I deserve to be loved.

I forgive myself and I forgive others.

I live without resentment.

I release myself from emotional ties.

Affirmations to heal the fifth chakra

I speak.

I can express myself with love, respect, freedom, and conviction.

I express my ideas clearly.

My heart expresses itself through my voice.

My voice carries clarity, peace, and truth.

I believe through my word.

Affirmations to harmonize the sixth chakra

I see.

I clearly see my past, my present, and my future.

I can see my thoughts without identifying with them.

My mind is calm and balanced.

I trust my intuition.

I am guided by my inner wisdom.

I open myself to my capacity for perception.

I see here and there.

Affirmations to balance the seventh chakra

I know.

I understand.

I am conscious.

I am free.

I am part of the whole.

Everything is perfect.

Everything comes, everything passes.

I am a spirit.

I am light.

I am true.

I am

Final Words

Develop each of the characteristics and powers that each of your chakras has when you get an understanding of their role in each organ and each element of your life.

If you have the necessary motivation to do so, you will be able to develop the qualities and abilities that each chakra possesses.

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