Healing Affirmations

Affirmations for the Healing Process: I acknowledge and accept that perfect health and vitality are manifested in each of the cells of my physical body as well as in my subtle bodies and that this is true.

The law of attraction is something I utilize every day to attract all of the healing power that the universe has in store for me, healing me properly because I want it, I deserve it, and I am ready to accept this healing power from the universe.

There can no longer be any diseased cells in my body, because it is not in harmony with the life within me and with the love I feel for life.

I am strong, brave and happy.

I turn my back on any appearance of illness. It is just an illusion.

Every day I feel more confident, stronger, more alive.

I am committed to caring for and loving every cell in my body, just as every cell cares for me.

I am physically and mentally prepared to receive my total healing.

Any attempt to relapse does not find sustenance in my body.

No matter what the opinions and concepts of others, I know that there is a greater power that is above all judgment and that is within me.

I know that all my organs and systems are working in perfect harmony.

I have total control of my body, my thoughts and my emotions.

It illuminated every foreign concept that was not in harmony with my healing, so that it became love and light.

I am at peace. There is nothing or no one that can disturb my state of total healing.

I know that I can not offend this creative being in any way, because he is good, love, mercy, and life itself.

I recognize the message that the disease brought to me.

I recognize that the healing power is not in anything or anyone in the physical world, but in the being who created me and who loves me immensely.

I know that, because of this power, I am perfect and deserving of a perfect life and health.

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Inner Healing Affirmations

Our physical body heals when it has healed our mind, and it, in turn, heals when it has healed our soul.

It is the healing of the soul that is then reflected in our body. Let us always seek that which is enduring and complete through the healing of our inner self:

The search for the necessary and appropriate professional healing therapy for our case.

The change of attitude towards life, living it in a positive way.

The search for inner peace transcends any state of concern.

Total surrender to that creative and healing energy that dwells within us.

A total and sincere acceptance of our disease or ailment.

An observation of our emotions regarding the disease.

The search for the emotional root and the awareness of it.

Eradicating or changing that behavior/thinking that has made us sick.

Use affirmations for healing to stay aligned with that inner state you’re looking for.

I am the calm that dwells in the depths of my being.

Nothing can beat me.

Nothing can scare me, now that I know who I am.

Nothing can disturb me.

Nothing can limit me.

Nothing can harm me if I don’t allow it.

I am an indestructible barrier made of life, strength, and inner peace.

I am the fullness of the life with which I was born.

I am the light of my supreme being reflected in this world.

I am only peace and harmony.

I appreciate my healing : Affirmations for Healing

I appreciate this energy of faith and absolute security that accompanies me in the depths of my being.

 I appreciate the transformation of my genes to my new state of perfect health.

 I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained from this experience and therefore no longer need it.

I am grateful to have learned to know my body and be your friend.

 I appreciate all the experiences I plan to have now, with my perfect state of health.

 I appreciate the bright, healing light that shines from the core of each of my cells.

 I appreciate the infinite love of being a Creator.

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