Conscious Manifestor

Right now, no matter where you are, you are engaged in the act of creation.

Yes, you may create what you are thinking and feeling by thinking and feeling otherwise.

You may or may not be a conscious manifestor, depending on your circumstances.

Take a deep breath and acknowledge the emotions you are experiencing right now.

Perhaps you are thankful, sad, a millionaire, dissatisfied, or unmotivated right now. Whatever you are feeling, you are attracting more things that will make you feel the same way in the future.

A Conscious Manifestor

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One who learns to be aware of their internal states at all times and understands that this is what they are projecting onto the cosmos, which acts as a mirror, will eventually return to their life is known as a conscious manifestor.

A real manifestor is the one who chooses his or her state of internal vibration at each moment, the one who learns to manage his or her emotional states, and the one who concentrates on all that is beautiful, wonderful and enriching in the world.

Rather than being concerned with when and how his goals will materialize, a manifestation magician just covers himself in the most powerful energy known to mankind: love; and allows it to flow, knowing that only the best will come to him.

A conscious manifestor is aware of and feels one with everything; he understands that he is not separate from anything and that there is nothing outside of himself or herself.

The fact that everything passes through him and that he passes through everything is well known to him.

Genuine practitioners of the law of attraction are always in a state of appreciation, not as a forced stance, but rather because they understand that what they desire is already in their possession and they are grateful for it, even if they do not perceive it at the time.

This person who understands how to coexist with the magic that surrounds him does not question the outcomes, despite the fact that his senses lead him to believe otherwise; he understands that this appearance is a necessary part of the process and only remains solid in his inner state.

The author is conscious that the world, in its infinite wisdom, has the ability to produce things better than what the human intellect can envision; as a result, the author defers some responsibility to the cosmos and uncertainty.

He also understands that things are not permanent, that everything happens for good or bad reasons, and that the wishes he has today are not the same as the wishes he will have in 5 years, nor the wishes he had 5 years ago. He should enjoy the process rather than just the outcome, and move in harmony with the movement of the universe, but always in an upward spiral.

Although we are the ones who have created so many rules and have a complicated life, if we all learned to be conscious manifestors, maintain an inner state of high vibration, always trust and hope for the best, and love and wish the best for everyone, we could create an incredibly wonderful world….

And it is not too late; if we can reach the goal of having merely a critical mass of people learning to live in this manner, we will be able to change the tide of the way mankind now lives.

Please leave a comment if you consider yourself to be a member of the critical mass that has the potential to alter the world and if you believe it is worthwhile.

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