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What Is Ho’oponopono Meditation?

It is an ancient method of Hawaiian philosophy that focuses on forgiveness and conflict resolution. It helps cleanse beliefs that prevent you from being happy.

Hooponopono means “correcting an error” or “doing the right thing”. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer for healing, philosophy, and technique for solving problems, practiced for 5,000 years. This healing system has been adopted by many to the present day.

To practice this technique, you must first be aware that everything that happens in your reality is a projection of the mental programming and beliefs that originate from your ancestors, the environment of your childhood, your past lives, and the development of your current life.

Beliefs constitute your truth and affect your perception of yourself and the world around you. Many times, they can be limiting when it comes to living the life you want, following your dreams, and manifesting a reality according to your inner desires. The most common negative beliefs are: “I am not able”, “Money is bad”, “I do not deserve love”, “If I do not possess … I can’t be happy.”

What Ho’oponopono allows is to let go, cleanse and erase those beliefs that unconsciously direct your life and prevent you from being happy.

Ho’oponopono: Original Hawaiian Mantra & Prayers to solve problems:

“I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you.” They are the best known trigger phrases in this technique. They serve to improve conflicts with another. They aim to erase the memory that led us to this situation.

The Ho’oponopono Prayer:

Understanding True Forgiveness

The concept of genuine forgiveness is not the same as that of forgetting. Instead, initially making amends for their mistakes helps everyone to sit with and accept the emotional impact of those feelings. As our first step, we must admit that the problem exists. When the time is right, we choose to leave.

Accepting someone’s apology with genuine forgiveness also involves attention and intent. One of the most liberating experiences is doing it perfectly. It feels as if you have an unseen weight on your shoulders that you have been freed from. The ohana tradition, according to Native Hawaiian tradition, is for families to jointly use the ho’oponopono prayer to reunite them.

Despite many advancements in modern society, forgiveness has remained an effective kind of mediation for overcoming both sentiments of anger and frustration toward others. It’s also a good idea to take care of yourself. Many people who carry a lot of guilt tend to find that it’s a convenient method to ease their own feelings of inadequacy.

How You Pray Is Your Decision Entirely:

If you have a specific problem in your life (regardless of who is to blame), you can chant these four sentences to address it. You can also use them to address your past, your family history, or your relationship with the earth. You could also practice simply for the sake of practicing.

You can meditate silently in a state of calm and tenderness if you choose to do so. This is something you can say out loud in front of a mirror. To check if you detect any tiny differences in your feelings, you can even switch up the sequence of the phrases in your head.

How do you practice Ho’oponopono in four simple steps?

Repentance: I’M SORRY

Ask Forgiveness : PLEASE FORGIVE ME

Gratitude : THANK YOU


Does Ho Oponopono really work?

This has been utilised in Hawaiian culture for thousands of years to regulate and soothe emotions. It’s a simple process, and because of that, it looks goofy and ineffectual. The reality is that it is beneficial for many people. Therefore, we should give it a try. There are no costs or obligations to report results to anyone other than yourself.

What are the benefits of Ho’oponopono?

There are several positive aspects to Ho’oponopono. It is fundamentally a type of self-forgiveness and gratitude. These two factors will contribute to self-acceptance. It is an excellent thing. If we can truly accept, forgive, and be grateful to ourselves, I am confident that our entire lives will improve drastically.

It is capable of curing a variety of mental illnesses, enhancing our health, and resolving our negative attitudes, among other things. If we do it with other people, it can help us to resolve our relationship issues. As though we were pleading with our parents or siblings for forgiveness. It’s a fantastic place to start when it comes to renewing relationships.

Does Ho Oponopono technique heal relationships?

The concept of Ho’oponopono can help troubled relationships, and provide forgiveness, love, and harmony. It is a basic and easily-absorbed medicine for the soul, and it is worthwhile to use just to get a sense of how four small phrases may change your life.

What is the purpose of Ho Oponopono?

This ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness fulfills two purposes. First, it is a kind of communication, helping to bring people together and clear up any misunderstandings. And second, it is a technique for regaining self-love and restoring harmony.

For those who struggle with the concept of forgiveness, particularly with themselves, Hawai’i’s age-old practice, known as Ho’oponopono, is extremely therapeutic. The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono (also spelled HO-oh-Po-no-Po-no) is a prayer that includes the word “love” and means, “I am sorry, and I love you.”

Ancient Polynesian beliefs are used in modern-day Hawaiian healers’ approaches to dealing with contemporary issues. A word derived from the Hawaiian language is Ho’oponopono, which means to “set things right.”

“I’m Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I Love You”

  • I’m sorry: it’s the way the person who’s using this therapy takes responsibility for what they want to solve.
  • Forgive me: it is sought that the body forgive the subject for not having been released before the burdens that have caused him this discomfort.
  • Thank you: it is appreciated that these thoughts or feelings have been expressed, because it is an opportunity to amend them.
  • I love you: aimed at the negative that inhabits each person, showing him love and allowing him to go away forever.

“Divinity, clean up in me everything that is contributing to this problem.” It is a recommended phrase in cases of illness, economic, labor difficulties, fights, among other situations. Through this fairly general mantra, you can try to eradicate any problem that torments the person.

“I love you dear memories. I appreciate the opportunity to let you and me go.” When we are overwhelmed by the repetition of sad or problem-related memories.

“I love you, and if I aroused in you hostile feelings I feel it and ask forgiveness. Thank you! It can be applied to improve links.

Shot of the plug.” A classic mantra to free yourself from what it costs to let go and that makes you suffer, like harmful people of the past who have not forgotten.

Flypaper.” By repeating this mantra and making the gesture of throwing things on the ceiling, what torments the person will stick to the paper and out of one.

“Rain, drizzle, drizzle.” To work situations related to the lack of money or sustainment and erase fears or memories that have to do with economic difficulties. Rain was always related to abundance and ancient cultures gave it a special place in its rites. Generous and balanced rain is synonymous with prosperity and abundance.

Blue ice.” It is highly used to relieve and overcome both physical and emotional pain.

“Dewdrops.” The usefulness of this mantra lies in finding those problems that are not conscious and transforming them into positive feelings.

“Autumn Leaves”. It is a phrase to let go or erase thoughts of attachment to things, people or situations that no longer take place in us, but which we still maintain and need to be released anyway. It is a useful mantra to expel from within those things or people to which there was an attachment, but who are no longer part of the life of the ho’oponopono practitioner.

“Spring Flowers”. Recommended for times of doubt and insecurity about money, when income does not reach or does not arise sufficient job opportunities.

Light key”. It serves as a brake on negative thoughts, metaphorically an interior light is lit and everything dark inside each person disappears.

“God bless you, I love you.” Saying it over and over again during or after a conflict cleans up the causes of the problem and helps restore the relationship.

“Hu”. It’s a powerful cleaning word. It provides peace and spiritual help.

“Thy will be done.” It allows everything that is perfect and correct for everyone involved to manifest thee. It requires courage to let go and rely on superior strength.

These phrases or words are not statements, even if they look a good way. They represent a request for cleaning, erasure, or cancellation of memories.

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