8 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom by Manifesting + Affirmations

We all dream of living a life in which we may achieve financial independence, but financial freedom is much more than that; it is freedom of time, freedom to act, and freedom to carry out one’s own ideas and beliefs.

Financial freedom entails having freedom in a variety of ways, and education should place a greater emphasis on this objective.

What does Financial Freedom mean?

It is understood that financial independence is the capacity to earn enough money to live comfortably without having to put in any effort or devote time to your business. Passive income or assets that allow you to live well without having to work are considered to be in this category of status.

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Affirmations to have financial freedom

  • I see that the God who is in me is the source of my absolute financial freedom.
  • I dwell within the God and he within me, manifesting through all my affairs his presence and giving me financial independence.
  • I am the continuity of the only source of all things that manifests itself in my new businesses of the future.
  • I feel the manifestation of the effortless wealth that is inherited from my Father and makes me earn money.
  • I see all the paths that open up before my eyes leading me towards successful businesses and teaching me how to have financial freedom.
  • I give thanks because in my life all the good flows and reaches everyone around me, blessing each one again and again.
  • I recognize any financial problem as a fleeting appearance and I know that behind that appearance there is only one truth: my absolute financial freedom.
  • I am open and willing to receive all the good in my financial life.
  • I can only see the doors that lead to my total freedom and economic independence.
  • All things are possible for me, because the Father is my only infinite source.
  • Every day I am more financially free and I give all my fears to a higher power to free me from them forever.
  • I am aware of all the universal wealth that surrounds us, and that it is here for our full provision.
  • I see how the Father intervenes with his power in my economy by making it grow and prosper as far as I have not even been able to imagine.
  • I receive the wisdom I need to channel my finances to freedom and abundance.
  • I have the indestructible faith I need to receive the manifestation of the Father’s power and love through my finances.
  • I have the tools to put any obstacle out of the way of my financial freedom.
  • I give thanks because the father’s presence and love are manifested in my life now, and I know that everything that comes into my life I receive only from him.
  • Everything I see manifested in my life, I also see manifested in the finances of my family and friends.

How can someone with a fixed income achieve financial freedom?

Financial Independence in Small Steps

Step 1. 

Be optimistic about money in all you say, think, and do. In the physical world, it is difficult to have a healthy connection with money if we have a negative relationship with it on the inside.

Taking care of our worries and bad feelings about money is essential. We must eradicate limiting ideas about money, always talk very well about money without nodding or accepting unpleasant remarks that others make about money.

Step 2. 

Identify your costs and cover them; first, get out of debt if you are in it, and then set aside a portion of your budget to invest in a project that will bring you to financial independence.

Step 3. 

Make good use of your spare time and devote a portion of it to your project in order to achieve the financial independence you desire.

Step 4. 

Growing and learning must be a continuous process; one must never cease to learn. Language learning, reading, attending seminars, and studying are all excellent options, but never allow your mind to become stagnant in the process of learning anything new.

Step 5. 

The fact that it is inside makes it appear to be outdoors. Prioritizing the cultivation of spiritual life is essential if you want prosperity to materialize in your life.

Regardless of whether you are a practicing religious person or not, you should be concerned with deepening your relationship with your Creator, discovering your own identity, and creating a genuine spiritual existence.

This will very probably be mirrored in every part of your life. It is important to remember that you should not do it for the sake of getting a result, but rather out of conviction.

Step 6. 

Don’t wait till you obtain the financial independence you desire before you can be happy. Be content with the existing situation. Have a good time on the road. Take it easy and enjoy every step.

Step 7.

You should take advantage of any chance to assist someone in being happy or succeeding. Of course, you should do it with no expectation of obtaining anything in exchange (law of giving and receiving).

Step 8. 

Never feel compelled to complete a task because of a deadline or a certain outcome.. You should carefully follow the instructions and be confident in the outcome.

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to. Financial independence is not an impossibility; rather, it is something that anybody can achieve with proper planning and determination.

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