Hi, I’m Hannah Smith.

I’m a Spiritual Guide and a Numerologist. I have a deep understanding of Angel numbers. It has always been a hard journey to find the balance between being open to the Universe and yet following my own truth. I never imagined my goal would be to help others with the numbers. I found that I have the ability to tap into the energy of the Universe to help people and heal.

I have a talent with the numbers. My passion for becoming a Numerologist has empowered me to create a path to help people find their truth and reach their goals. My healing Tarot coaching style, as well as my process of Reading/Conviction counseling, resonates with many people.

I have received positive feedback about my work from numerous women and men in my community. My students and clients consistently tell me they feel empowered and connected to the Universe. 

I’m a lover of nature, animals and crystals. I believe in all things that are good for your mind and body. If you’re looking for an energy healer and intuitive reader, please feel free to contact me! ​

I enjoy making and writing about Magic Healing Crystals. Though I started out in the field of Education as a teacher.

I have spent countless hours of time helping others. I believe the words I speak will come back to me in positive ways. I have been known to do things others would not think are possible. As a child my mind would speak, as an adult my voice would write. I have been an interpreter of dreams, predictions, and spirits.

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