Affirmations for Health

We have the ability to take charge of our lives and live them to the fullest extent possible; this is not fiction, and it is not difficult.

On the contrary, it is open to anybody who wants to use it. Because our Creator did not place us in this whole, plentiful, and lovely cosmos in order to cause us to suffer; rather, he intended for us to enjoy it as his cherished children in this universe. 

Unfortunately, we have lost sight of what is natural, and we have turned a blind eye to what is ours by the right of creation.

Put yourself in command of your life right now, and start using your power to attract all of the health, energy, abundance, and love that are rightfully yours.

Utilize the power of positive affirmations to concentrate on your perfect bodily and mental health and to change any transient condition of imperfection that may be present.

By intentionally repeating positive health affirmations, you may gradually shift your perspective on whatever ails you and turn yourself into a person who is totally healthy and alive.

33 Affirmations for Physical Health 

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Before repeating these powerful health affirmations, make sure that your surroundings are nice, clean, and quiet, and that your mind and physical body are calm, comfortable, and motionless. Examples of such environments include:

I surround myself with people who make me feel good.

Each of my organs is an engine full of vitality.

Today is a very special day.

I am life.

I am perfection.

I am perfect, and everything in life is perfect.

Good things always happen to me.

I deserve to enjoy the best of life.

Everything that happens to me has a meaning.

My heart is strong and powerful.

Exercise is part of my life.

I am prepared to overcome any situation.

Each day comes with blessings of perfect health.

Vitality flows within me.

I worry every day to learn healthy habits.

I don’t get carried away by other people’s bad energy.

Every day I feel stronger and capable of everything.

I focus all day on my perfect health.

I am the motivation for many people.

Now is when I have the strength to achieve what I want.

The people around me feel happy for me and admire me.

Each inhale fills me with light and energy.

I am made of the same energy of the universe and today I feel invincible and eternal.

Thank you that this day I feel completely healthy and strong.

Today I give my body only the best foods, thoughts and emotions.

I recognize the creative vital energy (Father) that governs my life, and that it can do everything.

I have the strength to face any difficult situation and change its course.

I know how to withdraw without problems from people or things that hurt me.

I know that any physical discomfort is temporary, everything is returning to normal at this moment.

I live life with humor and joy because those emotions fill my body with vitality.

I know how to control my thoughts, only with what I want to reflect in my life and my physical body.

What is not in my hands, I give in the best healing hands of (God, Father …).

I thank each of my cells for their love and for taking care of me in the best possible way.

33  Affirmations for Mental Health

I see the best in life.

I’m happy.

I am peace.

I feel good about myself.

Today I act correctly.

I’m always in a good mood.

Life is full of wonderful people.

I know how to control my emotions.

I am prepared only to hope for the best.

Every day I do things that amuse me.

I know how to control my body and my mind.

I have goals that I am going to meet.

My relationships are stable and harmonious.

What I do today leads me towards my goal.

I get the best out of every experience in my life.

I am a grateful, tolerant and balanced person.

All the best is coming my way right now.

The universe is perfect and I am part of it.

My moods are always positive and harmonious.

I am aware that my reality is born in my thoughts.

I don’t let anyone make me do what makes me feel bad.

I surround myself with nice, happy people with good habits.

I know that no one is responsible for my problems.

I love my peace, and I don’t allow anyone to disturb me.

I am the only person who can take care of myself in the best way.

I don’t take problems to heart, I know they will soon pass.

I love my life, I love my body and I love everything around me.

Every thought is a healing food for my mind and spirit.

I know that I can achieve anything I want, so sometimes I am wrong.

I know how to forgive and ask for forgiveness without problem.

I allow everyone to live their life in their own way, without being disturbed or uncomfortable.

Today is a good day to change what I want to change in my life.

I am an emotionally stable person and that attracts good opportunities and people to me.

Allow yourself some time after you have finished saying the positive health affirmations before returning to your usual activities.

Prior to doing so, make an effort to feel fully healthy and to take pleasure in the wellness that is leaking out of each of your pores.

Enjoy the sensation of being a physically active person who moves effortlessly and has a lot of energy; express gratitude to your inner self and return to your activities with a pleasant and relaxed attitude

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