Money is my friend

Money is my friend: Because you are prepared to receive with open hands all of the money you desire and that the universe wishes to give you, this message is reaching you at this time. 

Because you are prepared to receive with open hands all of the money you desire and that the universe wishes to give you, this message is reaching you at this time. 

Understand that you have a connection to the energy of the universe coursing through your veins; this is the same energy that sustains your life, that causes you to move, feel, and live; you are one with this energy, and you can manifest it in the form of money, riches, and prosperity.

Pretend you are the owner of everything you see and everything you can conceive right now. Everything is here for your benefit, so make use of it.

Feel more plentiful with each breath; repeat to yourself, “Money is my friend,” and inhale, feeling happy and at ease. Feel how every cell in your body breaths in the energy of money, as if you were breathing it.

The fact that you are everywhere and nowhere at the same time means that you are immersed in an infinitely plentiful cosmos that is continuously regenerated in order to reveal its richness.

Money is my best friend, according to the Law of Attraction.

Inhale!, repeat: “Money is my friend,” walk quickly so that any negative energy is dispersed, scent yourself, dress magnificently, and feel fantastic; you are now on your way to conquering the world, and nothing will stand in your way.

Engage in a dialogue with the source of all things; recognize that it is inside you and that you are within it; take a deep breath and feel it; smile; and picture a new life, adventures, joys, and your most extravagant and pleasurable tastes.

What exactly do you want? Take it, reach out, take a step forward, and you will arrive at your destination. Send me a tweet

Profit from the flow of money. It will always return doubled and will always return since money is your friend. So rejoice when money comes into your account and when money leaves your account.

Close your eyes and imagine that you have a fistful of high-denomination notes in your hands, that you can smell the money, and that it is raining down on you like a shower of blessings symbolized in money. Get a good mood!

Acknowledge money as your friend and say to yourself over and over again: “money is my friend,” it is always there for me, it enjoys being with me, it enjoys pleasing me, and it enjoys being in my possession.

Transformation: Transform any thoughts of shortage into the assurance of your new condition of prosperity and plenty; you don’t have to be concerned about money anymore; you are already in sync with him, and he will come to you in a thousand ways to remain with and satisfy you.

green plant on brown round coins financial freedom

Enjoy this moment of riches consciousness, and revel in the fact that you are who you truly are right now.

Immediately throw away the poverty mask you’ve been wearing up until now; tear it off, and burn it; there’s no way you’ll be able to put it back on. You are now a completely different person, and you are ready to have everything you desire, everything you deserve, everything you want, and everything that makes you happy.

Try changing your posture, straightening up, looking people in the eyes, being nice and confident, and maintaining a positive attitude; see how others perceive you differently; they recognise that something has changed in you, they just don’t know what it is.

Money is my best friend, repeat after me.

“Wake up, shake off your old scarcity thoughts, do not accept them, and remove them from your mind because they are no longer for you, they are no longer comfortable with you, because now, you are a new being, and you choose your thoughts, you choose your state, and you choose your relationship with money; he keeps repeating: “Money is my friend.”

Experiment with it right now, and you will be a testimony to the power that exists within you, the same power that exists within birds and animals who understand that the world is theirs, that they are free to go wherever they want, and that they never lack anything; you are more important than all of nature’s animals, you are the king of nature, and this world has been created solely for your enjoyment.

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