Thought Vibration

What is Thought Vibration?

All of us are aware that everything vibrates and that we attract into our lives that which is in sync with the frequency of our thoughts and emotions, right? But, more importantly, how can we comprehend this and apply it to truly attract the things we want to attract?

In order for the waves of a given vibration to generate waves of the same vibration, the experiences that are of the same vibration as the ideas or thoughts that we have with increasing frequency are attracted to our reality.

Let’s have a look at an example to illustrate what I mean:

If we have a guitar and a piano in the same room, and we play a note on the guitar (a note is a vibration), then the reaction is precisely the same vibration that the guitar generated. That is, the guitar produced exactly the same vibration as the piano produced.

In other words, it responds to the note we play on the guitar with the identical sound it creates without us having to do anything on the keyboard.

This straightforward illustration clearly illustrates what occurs when thoughts and emotions vibrate in unison. It is because our sensations are created in connection with our ideas that they always have the same frequency. 

We can not feel joy when we think of the cruelty of war, and we can not feel sorrow when we think of God’s love.

At this point, we can observe how the vibrations cause a reaction that will always have the same frequency and amplitude as the initial vibration.

As a result, our low-vibrational thoughts and feelings create reactions with comparable frequencies, and this is what we see as our reality in our daily lives and experiences.

How to change the vibration of thought?

The majority of the time, we are operating at a medium frequency, which is neither extremely high nor extremely low, and, as a consequence, things remain as they are, and there is no force that may cause a change to occur (movement).

This is the reason why, many times, when we work with creative visualizations or affirmations, we do not see results in the time frame we expected them to take because we have not changed the most important thing, which is the state of vibration; instead, we perform the exercises in a medium vibratory state, which is not optimal.

The most crucial thing to know in order to comprehend this is three things:

1. That our level of vibration has a direct relationship with what we are experiencing in our lives. 


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3. What is the best way to alter our condition of vibrational frequency? This third point is just as essential as the previous two in terms of overall significance. Knowing that we can do something to improve our lives is pointless if we do not know how to go about doing it.

This point is not the same for everyone; on the contrary, it is highly specific to each person.

The quickest and most effective way to alter the vibration of a thought or thoughts is to engage in something you enjoy doing, whatever it may be, but something you enjoy doing, such as listening to music, participating in sports, dancing, cooking, swimming, or anything you enjoy doing. It entails the use of our sensory organs or senses.

When we do something we enjoy, our vibrational frequency changes quickly, and we begin to feel better right away. However, this is simply the first stage in the process.

Remember that if we want to apply the law of vibration to effect meaningful change, we must first apply a push or a shock to the system, which means we must accelerate the vibrations as much as we possibly can.

To do this, we must raise the vibrations of our thoughts to a high enough level that they break the inertia of where we are mentally and propel us towards the state of frequency that we desire.

Doing what we enjoy simply helps us shift the focus of our thoughts and vibrations. However, in order to elevate them, we must employ all of the material and spiritual tools that we are familiar with, such as positive affirmations, vision boards, meditation, prayer, readings, and a variety of other techniques.

Always remember that before engaging in any of these activities, we must first relax in order to be open and focused on the activity we have selected.

When feasible, we must attempt to attain a very high vibratory level and to sustain it for most of our stay on this planet. By altering the vibration of our thoughts, we may alter the course of events. Send me a tweet

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