The Law of Giving and Receiving

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra’s teachings, the second spiritual rule of success is the act of giving and receiving.

What exactly does this imply? Indeed, giving and receiving are both a part of the same energy; in actuality, when we give, we are allowing this energy to flow back to us, and this is what it means to be a part of receiving.

When we give and receive, we are in balance with this energy.

On the other hand, when we only give and do not know how to receive, or when we do not give and only receive, this energy is out of balance and generates the same instability in the area of our lives in which we generate it. We are out of balance with this energy and it generates the same instability in our lives. Whether it’s love, wealth, or health…

When we look at nature, we can see that this dynamism, this fluidity, is constantly demonstrated in the exchange of everything that makes it up: the sun, the moon, the earth, the animals and plants, the seas and rivers; all of these things effortlessly give to others while at the same time receiving from others.

There isn’t a single person who lives in isolation and can thrive without giving and receiving.

Human beings also do it because we must interact with nature in order to survive, but in many cases, due to unconsciousness, we only want to receive the good that this wonderful planet provides us, and we only give it what hurts it; this is why the imbalance occurs in increasingly frequent natural disasters of unprecedented magnitude..

We must learn to conduct ourselves in accordance with this rule for our own and humanity’s sake, both at the level of our connection with the earth and at the level of our relationships with other living creatures and with all of the people in our immediate environment.

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The Law of Attraction states that you must give in order to receive.

Giving and receiving, like with everything universal law, are unchangeable.

Nonetheless, the purpose is a very powerful force that influences all we do in our lives.

The likelihood is that we will wait, or that it will arrive, but in a way that does not offer us joy when we give with the only intention of obtaining something in return or for it to come back to us multiplied.

If you truly want a large amount of anything to come to you and want it to be for your benefit and enjoyment, you must ensure that you experience the same delight when you give.

When we give with genuine joy, we are truly so happy that we no longer care about receiving; giving becomes a genuine pleasure and joy, and we do not think about what we are going to receive. At this point, you can be confident that you have successfully shifted the energies of the universe in your favor.

Generally, we believe that we must have a lot of something in order to be able to give what we have leftover.

For example, we believe that if I need money, we can’t give it; if I need attention from my partner, we can’t give it; if I give this person a good birthday present because he gave me a good birthday present… etc. The act of giving and getting is replaced with the act of giving from what I receive.

Every time we measure, we are measuring with the measure of what we initially received in order to give the same measure back.

If we change the chip, applying this law of giving and receiving, and we begin to give, especially what we lack, not to receive, but rather to feel good while doing so, to identify with the other person, and before we receive, we begin to sincerely identify with the happiness of the other person when receiving, then we have made a breakthrough.

When we give what we lack, we are also using the law of attraction, since we are informing the universe that we do not lack that which we are giving; when we do not give because we do not have much of something, we are informing the universe of our condition of need.

Whether you want money or health, you can make the energy money flow by caring for others’ well-being.

If you want love, you must feel sincere love for others, not just for one person in particular, but for all, especially for those who are most in need. If you want forgiveness, you must refrain from passing judgment on others, among other things.

Putting the seed in rich soil is what it means to give with love. Send this to a friend

Learn to give and receive in equal measure.

People with a complex of poor or sacrifice, who are incapable of receiving, only give and give, rejecting what is offered to them, create a great imbalance, making the person a victim on an ongoing basis, becoming a victim more and more often.

They are considered victims.

This is the case for mothers who give so much of themselves to their children or to their husbands that they are aware of everything, that they always have everything, that they look good, and that they are satisfied.

However, when it comes time to receive, they believe that it is not necessary, that it is not necessary, and they reject any action or manifestation of care for themselves and their children.

We must also apply the rule of giving and receiving to ourselves; we can not wait for other people to give us what we have denied ourselves; we must give ourselves love, affection, care, attention, respect, luxury, and well-being.

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