Law of Attraction: Limiting Beliefs

To explain what we mean by limiting beliefs, we will say that they are everything and everything that we believe to be true without a doubt and that they prevent us from moving ahead in our lives.

They are the genuine roadblocks that impede us from achieving our objectives, such as the statement “nothing is simple to attain.”

Despite the fact that we can engage in a variety of spiritual activities as well as visualizations and affirmations, if we do not remove the weeds that are our limiting ideas from our minds, we will be unable to succeed in manifesting our desired reality.

Additionally, there are other sorts of beliefs, which are empowering ideas, which motivate us to attain our objectives, for example, “everything is possible.” Of fact, these do not impose any restrictions on us, but rather open the doors for us to have anything we desire.

What are limiting beliefs:

At the beginning of our lives, we all come into this world with some degree of limiting beliefs, which are genetic beliefs. The good news is that those beliefs are very moldable at that stage; the smaller we are as infants, the more moldable they are; they’re like the bones of babies; they’re also very flexible; and as we grow older, they become increasingly rigid and strong and difficult to mold; in old age, they’re completely unchangeable.

This is an excellent example to use when comparing our limiting beliefs. The barriers start off as soft and malleable as cotton and gradually get stronger, more sturdy, and inflexible until they reach the point where they are really concrete obstacles to overcome.

Every time we fail to realize a dream, it is because the dream is still there, even if we are unable to recognize one or more limiting obstacles.

All of the limiting ideas that are present in our surroundings are passed on to us as we develop.

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Through our parents and siblings primarily, followed by our teachers and friends, through culture, tv programs, movies, advertising, and another bombardment of empty information that we are constantly receiving, and, of course, through religions, which are perhaps the most important source of beliefs in the history of mankind (and the world).

A negative experience may also lead to the formation of limiting beliefs, which we can then hold onto for the rest of our lives based only on that one event or conclusion.

When our parents instill limiting ideas in us, they believe that they are doing us a favor. Instead, they should take advantage of the malleability with which we are born to erase those beliefs with which we come to this world and that life would be much simpler in this world. And, of course, we as parents continue to do the same with our children as well as with the rest of the world.

Our limiting beliefs are hidden deep inside our subconscious, which is why we are unaware of our limiting beliefs unless we conduct a careful examination of our thoughts and actions.

Limiting Beliefs and Their Impact on Us:

When we dream, we are on a level above the subconscious, which means that our limiting ideas have no effect on our dreams while we are asleep.

The reason many dreams seem absurd is that anything is possible in the dream state. There are no limiting beliefs that prevent anything from happening, regardless of how absurd it may appear to us; whereas in the waking state, when we function through our limiting beliefs, these beliefs become the primary obstacle to the fulfillment of our dreams.

This, of course, demonstrates that if we did not have limiting ideas, nothing would stand in the way of our attaining all of our objectives and that Everything Is Possible to the extent that we can remove the scab of the beliefs that limit us from our subconscious minds.

Beliefs are what define how we view the world and how we perceive it in a certain way. As a result, the same occurrence might be perceived as something normal in one culture while being regarded as something unpleasant, insulting, or harmful in another one.

It is critical to recognize that our perspective is what determines our reality.

The following are examples of Limiting Beliefs that may rule your life:

Survival beliefs are those that lead us to believe that if we do not perform certain things in the way that society expects us to, we would not be able to survive. Examples include the belief that, without having a professional career, I will be unable to achieve success (survive).

Beliefs of comparison and competition: Because we have been taught to believe that we are separate from others, we see others as competitors and live our lives in a state of comparison and competition. This, of course, will continue to bring us experiences that are similar to those we have already had, resulting in the corresponding dissatisfaction with time.

Beliefs of insecurity: we live with the continual sensation that we are in danger and that we must defend ourselves from anything and everyone, including our neighbors, thieves, accidents, and harsh weather.

Substitution beliefs of the missing: This type of belief leads us to believe that we must have people or things in our lives in order to be happy, and we are not happy because we are constantly concerned with obtaining or maintaining these things or people by our side.

After everything is said and done, all of the ideas that we have been classified into one of these four categories, and it is these beliefs that determine the reality that we perceive over and over again in our lives until we are able to completely erase them from our subconscious minds.

How to Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs:

When we don’t realize that we have something, it’s impossible to get rid of it. This is exactly what happens to many of our limiting beliefs, which are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we are so devoted to perception through the senses that we don’t realize they are running our lives until we are forced to confront them.

For this reason, the first step is to identify and challenge our limiting beliefs.

Observing and challenging our ideas is an excellent method to become aware of our limiting beliefs and to bring them to the forefront of our conscious awareness of them.

We will not be able to do it with all of our ideas, but now that we understand the significance of this in our lives, that is, that our reality is dependent on it, we may begin to work on it gradually, until we become a more objective observer.

And now that you’ve examined yourself and seen that you have this idea, you’re probably wondering, “How can I get rid of it?”

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Let me tell you something: you’ve already done the majority of the hard work. When you see something or bring it to consciousness, you are bringing it to light, and as your consciousness gets more lighted, the belief loses its hold over you.

As you become more conscious of your limiting ideas, they gradually fade away on their own, and your view of the world shifts.

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