What you Resist, Persists

A wonderful secret is included inside the famous Carl Jung statement: WHAT YOU RESIST, PERSIST. This phrase holds a powerful secret that we may utilize to attract good things into our life.

To a large extent, the problem is cultural; we are taught from an early age to weep when we do not like something or do not obtain what we want.

What if, instead of sobbing over a piece of candy, we allow the time to pass painlessly and prepare ourselves for the largest piece of sugar that is yet to come?

According to the Law of Attraction: What you resist, persists:.

It is simple to accept the things that we enjoy or that make us feel comfortable, but it is more difficult to reject or not accept the conditions that we do not enjoy or find comfortable.

When we oppose a circumstance that we are experiencing, we are continuously thinking about it, whether it is thinking about how awful it makes us feel, thinking about how much we want it to change or end, or thinking about anything else that has to do with it. We are constantly thinking about it.

As a result of our resistance, in addition to the fact that we are concentrating our thoughts on the matter, we are also providing it with a great deal of energy and strength, because we are feeling something, whether it is anger, sadness, pain, or whatever, but these are feelings that are generating vibrations, and therefore maintaining the situation, making it persist, and at the same time attracting more situations of this type, or at least making it more difficult to deal with.

In this instance, we can confirm once more that the law of attraction is great, that it never fails, and that it always provides us with what we ask of the universe. Let us keep in mind that we are asking for our ideas and feelings.

We feel very happy in a favorable situation, and when we receive what we want, we think a lot about it and feel good about it. But how long is this going to last?

Human beings, in general, become enthusiastic and delighted about something when they first learn about it. However, as time passes, they begin to perceive the same scenario as quite typical, and they lose their excitement and enthusiasm for it.

Even if you keep it or continue to receive the same situations, you will no longer experience the same emotion as you did the first time. This is because the brain now requires a higher dose of hormones, i.e., a more significant event, to experience the same emotion as it did the first time.

As a result, we are no longer operating at a very high level of vibration, which allows us to attract more positive things into our lives.

What you resist persists, but what you accept is no longer there:

Suddenly, our feelings subside to the point where we are merely able to preserve the scenario that had first made us so joyful, and we are no longer even aware that such a circumstance exists.

At this point, we are willing to accept the current circumstance, which is the polar opposite of resistance. And when we let go of anything, it instantly changes or disappears, but how exactly does it change or disappear is unclear.

In the worst-case scenario, we might even begin to experience the dread of losing what we have already accomplished and that has made us feel good because we believe that we could lose it at any time.

Brown and White Galleon Ship Scale Model

This emotion, of course, produces negative vibrations, which will attract precisely what we are asking for with our emotions over and again, and things will change, although for the worse. We need to learn how to stop having negative ideas that come back to us.

Consequently, if we want to attract more beautiful things into our lives that will stay with us and thus continually alter better things will come to me, we must always enhance our feelings of appreciation and delight for the things we currently have and enjoy.

That is, we must break out of a state of emotional inertia, we must concentrate on anything for which we can be thankful, it can be something as simple as a smile, the important thing is that we feel grateful for it, and with our perseverance and concentration, we will be able to increase that state of emotional inertia. 

Maintaining a constant rise in our vibratory level, never allowing it to sink or become stagnant. Gratitude is really crucial in this situation.

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