I AM Affirmations

Do ‘I am’ affirmations work?

IAM Affirmations work because they are so easy to say and they are so fun to read. You can read about how they get you there in five minutes. IAM Affirmations are just your friends, as if your words come to life inside of you. You might look at your words, recognize them as you are speaking them to yourself, and you could even get a chuckle out of them! This is just an example of what can happen with affirmation.

Affirmations are most effective when you believe them to be true. Initially, you may not feel them since there is usually an adjustment phase during which you are allowed the idea of the affirmation to be real for you. However, once you begin to get into that feeling space, the affirmation will begin to reflect on your daily experience.

When it comes to negative affirmations, this is exactly as simple as it is with positive affirmations. If you accuse me of being a nasty person and you are extremely depressed about it, it will come to pass because you believe it to be correct.

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I AM Affirmations for Success

I AM successful

I AM harder than all the challenges and hurdles lying in my way.

I AM an achiever

I AM full of vitality. My confidence, positive attitude and self-belief are my biggest assets to take me a step closer to my success.

I AM a positive individual!

I AM also a person that enjoys reading as much as I am spending time with my family.

I AM also a generous person with a huge heart that is willing to do the big things for the greater good.

I AM happy with who I am and can be.

I AM positive

I AM willing to spend my free time to grow with people around me.

I AM passionate about the world.

I AM willing to work hard and dedicate myself to achieve my goals.

I AM a successful individual

I AM more productive and positive to the people around me.

I AM capable of attracting daily abundance

I AM happy with who i am and can be.

I AM a leader and someone who takes the people around me seriously

I AM rich enough to fulfill my desires

I AM a self-starter and has the mindset of a leader

I AM a true, loyal, honest, reliable and supportive member of my family

I AM very good at my job and good at the things I love, my passions and my hobbies

I AM honest and trustworthy

I AM a strong, independent thinker and a person who is not afraid of getting down to business.

I AM positive and able to lead easily with initiative

I AM Affirmations for Abundance

I AM Abundance

I AM able to attract success

I AM seeing abundance all around me

I AM gaining more awareness and control over my life

I AM living in abundance: I will never waste

I AM always surrounded by more abundance

I AM finding abundance in all of life

I AM enjoying abundance

I AM pursuing abundance

I AM finding abundance in my friends, family, and communities

I AM being enriched by abundance and value

I AM finding abundance in my daily activities

I AM finding abundance in the people I meet

I AM finding abundance in myself

I AM finding abundance in all my loved ones

I AM finding abundance in my work, health, and travel

I AM Affirmations for Sleep

I AM now ready to sleep

I AM calm and safe as I lie down

I AM looking forward to the morning

I AM allowed to feel good at the end of the day

I AM Thankful for today

I AM ready to sleep

I AM calm, quiet, and secure

I AM filled with gratitude that I am alive today

I AM filled with a sense of deep peaceful sleep now

I AM free to relax

I AM happy and ready to sleep

I AM tired and I deserve to rest

I AM exhausted and have not experienced deep sleep

I AM Sleepy and tired

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I AM Affirmations for Money and Wealth

I AM always discovering new source of income

I AM open to receive all the wealth

I AM worthy to have more wealth

I AM the creator master of my own money

I AM a Money Magnet

I AM worthy to have Financial freedom

I AM Financially free

I AM able to protect all my wealth.

I AM able to keep the most amazing amount of money

I AM truly free from debt

I AM very capable to manage everything

I AM financially secure, and to make money on all my income

I AM able to live free in a free house

I AM very fortunate to live on such a wealth of money.

I AM wealthy. I am wealthy. I am wealthy.

I AM a Millionaire

I AM Rich and I love it

I AM proud of my wealth

I AM able to live in a house of wealth

I AM financially happy with my wealth

I AM able to meet any need for my money

I AM capable of running a business

I AM able to be self sufficient.

I AM in a world of wealth of money

I AM happy at whatever amount I have

I AM able to pay all my bills with no debt

I AM Prosperous

I AM Affirmations for Happiness

I AM Happy

I AM Healthy

I AM Wealthy

I AM Peaceful

I AM Strong

I AM Loving

I AM Abundant

I AM Unconditional

I AM Perfect

I AM Accepting

I AM Loving

I AM Faithful

I AM Resilient

I AM Focused

I AM Positive

I AM Empathy

I AM Kind

I AM Affirmations for Women

I AM proud of my decisions

I AM truly a beautiful soul

I AM a Confident Woman

I AM proud that I am a Woman

I AM empowered, fearless, brave and courageous

I AM Powerful, daring, and I am proud of it

I AM Honest to my partner

I AM not afraid to be myself

I AM strong-willed and independent

I AM not afraid of rejection

I AM strong in my faith

I AM proud of my accomplishments

I AM not a bad wife

I AM not needy

I AM a positive example of what kind of leader we need

I AM a loving person.

I AM a strong feminist

I AM a proud and strong female who loves to help other women

I AM compassionate and kind

I AM the kind of person that every woman should be

I AM Affirmations for Kids / Toddlers

I AM a positive thinker

I AM important

I AM kind

I AM brave

I AM capable

I AM ready to learn new things

I AM confident

I AM Awesome!

I AM Unique

I AM Affirmations for Confidence

I AM an achiever

I AM successful

I AM talking steps to make my dream a reality

I AM Enough

I AM smart

I AM the Chosen one

I AM an innovator

I AM the perfect person to have a wonderful relationship

I AM Everything

I AM a perfectionist

I AM Affirmations for Purpose

I AM aligned with my high purpose

I AM living my true purpose

I AM aligned with myself & my true purpose

I AM on Purpose – that is what I am here to do.

I AM able to walk on my path with peace and courage

I AM aligned with God’s purpose & God’s love

I AM not self-serving & my true purpose is to serve God alone & the world

I AM not the ego of self or of self-serving people

I AM a positive role model for the way I live & work

I AM Affirmations for Spiritual Alignment

I AM a divine person.

I AM connected to the Universe

I AM enlightened

I AM the Truth

I AM connected to the cosmic intelligence

I AM with Universe, and Universe is with me

I AM spiritual

I AM all and nothing

I AM my own Power

I AM Affirmations for Self-Love

I AM fully in love with my spirit.

I AM fully in love with the beauty of all I am.

I AM happy with myself.

I AM free to love myself for who I am.

I AM responsible for my happiness and success.

I AM happy with me.

I AM beautiful.

I AM confident.

I AM funny.

I AM caring.

I AM honest.

I AM Affirmations for Healing

I AM worthy of love

I AM a beautiful soul

I AM perfect by nature.

I AM worthy to be loved, respected, and admired

I AM an example of what perfection truly is, and what it means to love.

I AM a peaceful and blissful person

I AM blessed with so much joy and happiness

I AM a very loving person

I AM a peaceful spirit, and a great joy to experience and interact with

I AM a peace of mind

I AM happy and content

I AM perfect for any situation or relationship

I AM truly pure

I AM Affirmations for Letting Go

I AM worry free.

I AM ready to let my pain go.

I AM untethered. Possessions and obligations do not hinder me.

I AM letting go of tension.

I AM free of burdens.

I AM okay with downsizing my lifestyle, purging more and more each day.

I AM letting go of expectations

I AM ready to let go of what cannot be changed

I AM Affirmations for Students

I AM able to learn with very little instruction

I AM smart and competent

I AM not going to compare myself with others.

I AM Bright and talented

I AM a successful student

I AM not making excuses in my studies

I AM very intelligent

I AM proud and confident

I AM strong and capable

I AM Affirmations for Peace

I AM an island of calm, in a sea of uncertainty.

I AM peace of mind and peace of spirit.

I AM the light of peace.

I AM a loving and loving-giving life.

I AM calm and relaxed in every situation.

I AM at peace with myself and with the world.

I AM connected to the universe.

I AM connected to the self in all its beauty, strength, and abundance.

I AM Affirmations for Gratitude

I AM grateful to all my friends.

I AM grateful to my family.

I AM thankful to being blessed.

I AM grateful to life.

I AM thankful for my Savior, our Lord and Redeemer.

I AM grateful for the people and resources that have helped bring me peace, happiness and freedom.

I AM grateful for the blessings around me.

I AM grateful for the kindness of my family, neighbors and community of brothers and sisters.

I AM thankful for how well my life has progressed over the years.

I AM Affirmations for Anxiety

I AM calm

I AM in control

I AM mindful

I AM free of Worries

I AM free of Regrets

I AM happy

I AM blessed

I AM fearless

I AM Affirmations from the Bible

I AM Forgiven

I AM Hopeful for the Future

I AM Fearless

I AM adopted.

I AM a child of God.

I AM holy and blameless.

I AM Never Alone

I AM a New Creation

I AM filled with joy because Christ is my strength.

I AM Affirmations for Chakras

I AM wise

I AM filled with greatness

I AM growing

I AM living

I AM learning

I AM a leader

I AM healthy and healing

I AM stronger and brighter

I AM Affirmations for Prosperity

I AM prosperous in all that I do.

I AM willing to sacrifice for my own prosperity

I AM grateful for my ever increasing prosperity.

I AM always seeing new opportunities to grow and prosper.

I AM a money magnet.

I AM always willing to expand and multiply my prosperity

I AM prosperous in all that I do.

I AM blessed to be living, breathing and loving.

I AM blessed to live a prosperous and content life today.

I AM Affirmations for Work

I AM honest with my teammates, and proud to be a part of team

I AM Strong

I AM Smart

I AM a person of integrity with a desire to serve, work hard, and have fun.

I AM Dedicated to Our Company

I AM focused on positive change within our company

I AM passionate about building great teams.

I AM confident and productive, as evidenced by my success stories

I AM focused on growing as a leader and a partner

I AM determined to achieve great things for our company

I AM dedicated to improving as a person

I AM Affirmations for Weight Loss

I AM proud of my efforts to take better care of my body.

I AM amazed to discover that exercise can be fun.

I AM grateful to live life in harmony with my body.

I AM thankful to exercise for health.

I AM committed to taking my health as seriously as I take my body.

I AM committed to reducing the risks of chronic diseases.

I AM grateful to have self-confidence, strength and stamina.

I AM grateful to have learned to love my body without worrying about fat.

I AM Affirmations for Love

I AM loving life and am seeking more love.

I AM loving, trusting, caring and faithful in myself

I AM feeling joyful about finding my perfect mate and falling in love.

I AM respectful and loving towards people outside my marriage

I AM dedicated to my marriage.

I AM giving and receiving an abundance of love and affection.

I AM loving and committed to my relationships

I AM not abusive or controlling

I AM Affirmations for Health

I AM exercising a healthy diet.

I AM keeping healthy balance within my body and mind.

I AM using natural supplements and herbs to maintain my overall health.

I AM looking out for the health of those who are in need.

I AM aware of my energy balance and my energy level.

I AM teaching others how to eat a healthy diet.

I AM looking good in my gym uniform.

I AM eating in moderation and taking care of my body.

How many affirmations should I say a day?

The more concentrated your attention is on a certain reality, the more quickly it will appear. As a result, I recommend that you choose no more than three affirmations to concentrate on. I usually narrow my attention to one or two specific desires that I’d like to see come true.

As previously said, when you initially begin utilising an affirmation, it is unlikely that it will have a significant emotional impact on you. It will almost certainly leave you feeling empty, and your ego will almost certainly just laugh at you. That is very natural. It’s true that all beliefs begin in a similar fashion.

An affirmation is essentially a method of training your mind to hold a particular belief. Once a belief takes root, an emotion is produced, and once the feeling is felt, your vibration is altered to a different frequency. Another reason why it may be simpler to begin with a single affirmation so that you can truly allow it to take root in your mind is that it will be easier to remember.

How to Properly practice affirmations?

It’s important to practice affirmations and they are often the only way for you to have “a personal touch” in life.

I often tell people that they don’t have to be perfect to achieve this, they just have to practice and develop them. I think it’s important to understand what it is to believe in your own spiritual potential and what it is that you need to do to grow in spiritual awareness.

I have a feeling that the “ideal” thing to do is to be able to practice affirmations on both your physical and spiritual levels so that they become integral part of your life.

If you know how to use affirmations correctly, they can help you improve your problem-solving abilities. They learn how to use the law of attraction to travel down the path of love, career success, and abundance.

Take a dose of encouragement from your positive affirmations whenever you are feeling down, instead of worrying. Make use of them as a tool to improve your self-esteem and productivity, as well as to overcome procrastination and finish all of your given duties.

If you match your objectives with your most powerful affirmations, you will be more likely to achieve your objectives and push beyond your limitations. Your statements attract people, things, and opportunities, allowing you to broaden your horizons and visualise what you are saying.

Why Do I Need a Daily Affirmation Practice?

Daily Affirmations are the fuel that powers the subconscious mind. These help it succeed by encouraging it and removing any negative beliefs.

Morning affirmations serve as a reminder to stay focused and to replace the words “I can’t” with “I can.” You’ll notice a difference if you do. You’ll find yourself asking your questions, even if they are difficult. And you’ll notice the subconscious mind learning how to perform even more actions than it ordinarily does. This can help you learn to trust yourself again.

If you feel you’re working a lot harder with the way you look and act during the day, but you haven’t accomplished much for weeks or months, this practice can help you remind yourself how hard you have to work every day to keep those goals.

Even if you’re getting better results by performing less well at working more or spending more time doing other things, it’s easier to feel confident that you’re doing just fine and that you’ve succeeded. You’ll feel great about yourself when you believe you are.

Final Thoughts:

Affirmations that begin with “I am” are the most effective techniques to redefine ourselves. These have the ability to reshape lives and make things function properly. The process of embracing positivity and working toward goals is accelerated as a result of these techniques. Leave the negativity at the door and incorporate these affirmations into your daily routine for the greater good.

Thank you for reading these affirmations. Share your opinions in the comment section. Please forward this to your friends and family.

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