How to Ask the Universe for What You Want?

Developing the ability to communicate with the universe in a way that our requests are heard is something that we should all be concerned about mastering.

The majority of individuals approach the universe in the same manner as a beggar, that is, with pleading and the mentality of a victim, anticipating more of a negative reaction than a good one.

We must understand that asking is an art, even if it is something that comes naturally to us from birth. All relationships are affected by this; we can see it starting in childhood when we ask our parents for something and we know for sure that we will receive it, and when we ask them for something and we do not know for sure that we will get it, and when we do the reverse. As for us as watchers, we will see that the manner in which we inquire determines whether or not we will be granted our requests.

The same thing occurs with the universe; there is a method for accomplishing this, which is why it is so essential to understand how to ask the universe for anything we desire in the first place.

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How to ask the universe for what you want?

The universe always responds affirmatively to our requests. According to the law of attraction, the universe does not comprehend the word “no,” which means that if we ask: “I don’t want to have this disease any longer,” the universe interprets our request as “I want to have more of this disease.”

In fact, the universe is always listening to the requests we make because the universe is never static; on the contrary, it is in constant transformation, and it transforms itself every second in response to our requests. Even if you believe you never ask for anything, you are constantly asking for your thoughts and emotions.

In reality, the universe is within us, and we are within the universe. Thus, we are all connected, and if we ask something of someone else, regardless of whether it is good or terrible, we are also asking for ourselves.

In a universe that is boundless and where there is always more than enough for everyone when we ask for anything, we are not taking anything away from anybody else.

Steps to ask the universe correctly

If you seriously follow the steps outlined below, you will surely learn how to ask the universe for anything you desire. You will be able to achieve all of your goals and objectives, and you will enjoy a life filled with success, abundance, love, and happiness. These steps include:

When we are in an altered state of natural consciousness, such as when we meditate, or when we are in a dream state before falling asleep, or immediately after waking up, communication with the universe is direct. It is in these moments that we must make our requests because if we do so while we are in a state of ego-consciousness, which is the one we are in during normal vigilance, we will not be in that connective state.

Ask for something specific, be specific about what you want, but do not become concerned with how the universe will go about bringing it to you. It’s similar to when you asked your father for a game. You simply asked for it and left the matter of how you were going to get it entirely in the hands of your father. In this case, you must do the same thing.

Make certain that what you’ve asked for is exactly what you want, and avoid changing your order repeatedly; doing so will, of course, never result in anything other than a sense of disappointment.

Whenever possible, ask in positive terms; do not use negative phrases or words such as “no” or “never.”

It is essential that we maintain the belief that we already have what we desire throughout the day, even if our senses are not yet able to see it.

As far as health, money, travel, beauty, harmony, and peace are concerned, anything you want for yourself should be asked for by all living things.

You can have everything you desire if you order large, always ask for the best, and believe in your own value. Anything is conceivable, but only if you ask for what is believable to yourself until you realize it through your own experience.

As soon as your wish is fulfilled, don’t say things like “I can’t believe it” or “I didn’t think it was possible”; instead, raise your hands to the universe in a gesture of welcome and gratitude and say things like “thank you,” “I know I deserve it” and “It has always been mine,” and “I’m ready to continue receiving.”

How to ask the universe: The secret is in practice.

Now, that you have learned how to ask the universe for help, you can read this and dismiss it, as we do with so many other things. However, if you truly want to make changes in your life, if you feel that you have not achieved what you know that you deserve, if you believe that there is something more to the universe than how things have been done thus far, come on, shake yourself and give yourself a good shake.

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