Steps in Law of Attraction

In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps of the law of attraction’s creative process, step by step.

To correctly apply the law of attraction, it is not necessary to understand the entire theory.

Many people are very intuitive and understand its operation with only a few words or in a practical way, as well as how they should act at each stage of the process, from the emergence of the desire to its manifestation.

People who do not understand the entire logical process of the law of attraction will find it much more difficult to be effective with it.

Steps to involve in Law of Attraction

The raw material is the initial stage in the manifestation of something according to the law of attraction.

There can be no creation if there is no raw material, regardless of whether we are creating a recipe, a car, or the whole cosmos.

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No matter what you want to do, the basic ingredient is always energy, which can be found almost anywhere.

Second, there are the universal laws of nature that control that energy and which we may employ to shape it; after all, energy is never destroyed; it is only altered.

With our desire, we send out an electromagnetic impulse into the universe, which is as clear, strong, and concrete as the intensity or strength of our own desire.

The next step is the order that we give to the universe, which is an electromagnetic impulse with which we launch our desire into the universe.

It is via our thoughts and feelings that we are able to send forth this electromagnetic impulse or order into the cosmos.

To give the impulse the maximum potential intensity, we employ all of the tools available to us for controlling our thoughts and feelings, such as visualization exercises, affirmations, meditations, and other techniques.

It is the cosmos that brings about the following stage in our law of attraction, which is the synchronicity associated with our wants.

This occurs “whenever” our wish is heard or transmitted with enough energy to be actualized. As a result, when our desire is delivered with the proper impulse and received by the cosmos, the universe gives us a little reaction in the form of synchronicity, which the majority of people fail to see and dismiss.

We must maintain our attention on the signals of the cosmos in order to detect this reaction, and when we do, we are overcome by profound confidence that our desire will come true; we know it has been accomplished.

Essentially, all that is required now is that we relax, not worry about how or when and remain solid in our goal, particularly in the sensation of having our wish granted. We just have to wait a short period of time; it is all dependent on our capacity to remain at the frequency of our desire.

This is happening while the universe is accommodating the paths that will lead us to our desire; we must maintain the same frequency as our desire and be attentive to our intuitions in order to flow with them; they are the “warnings” that the universe sends us to guide us.

I guarantee that if you create your wishes while taking into consideration the steps of the law of attraction, you will be able to achieve everything you set your mind to in your life.

You must be persistent while remaining cool. To the degree that you understand and have firsthand experience with the functioning of this rule, you will be qualified to educate others.

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