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Is there’s anything, you’ve ever wondered what it means to be present at the moment?

For many people, their entire lives or a significant portion of them are spent feeling guilty about what they have done or have not done in the past, berating themselves, feeling sorry for themselves, or even punishing themselves for their actions in the past, and believing that, as a result, they are unworthy of anything good.

Others only think forward; they are physically there, but their minds are always in a place that does not exist and may never exist. They are only thinking ahead because they are physically present.

In both situations, these individuals fail to recognize the one and only thing that truly exists, which is the present moment; the one and only “real” thing.

We have become so used to the wonders that life has to give us at every turn that we no longer notice them, we no longer perceive them, we no longer appreciate them, and we certainly no longer enjoy them. We yearn for what we had previously or what we might be able to have in the future.

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But we don’t take pleasure in things as valuable and pleasant as breathing, smelling the perfume of flowers or trees, listening to the sound of a river, feeling the embrace of the sun and the caress of the rain, savoring a fruit, sharing a family dinner, having the ability to learn, walk, jump, well, I’m talking about common things that can happen to most of us every day if we don’t pay attention.

Learn to look rather than to see; you already do a fantastic job at this. Learn to gaze at things with your entire body. And when you come across something really lovely, take a deep breath in, take it all in, and know that it has become a part of you.

Unfortunately, it is only after we have lost some of these things that we realize the true worth of these things, and these are things that are so important that they can not be purchased with money.

So, what do we do now, exactly? We travel back in time and immerse ourselves in the past, when we loved all of this so naturally that we did not like it, and we spend the rest of our lives punishing and blaming ourselves, drawing new circumstances to be regretful of.

Live the Moment as per LAW OF ATTRACTION

Remember to live each moment as if it were the first and the last; give this moment all of your love and attention; recognize that every moment is unique and presents a chance to be joyful; and that it is you who determines whether or not to be happy right now.

Making a deliberate decision to be happy is a state of mind, and the only moment we can be happy is right now.

Learn to laugh at yourself, to go through life with a lightness that comes from not carrying so much baggage or harboring so many biases; and to appreciate the little things in life. You must forgive others as well as yourself, and you must seek forgiveness if it is required. Every day, remember to smile, take care of your body, pamper yourself, and give yourself the best you possibly can.

Although they are well aware that they have lived more years than they have left to live, we have all met elderly people who, despite the fact that they are well aware that they have lived more years than they have left to live, are satisfied in their hearts because they have learned to live intensely in every moment and to let go rather than carrying heavy loads.

We’ve also met older folks who express regret for having wasted their time doing things they didn’t love and now don’t have the opportunity to do anymore.

Despite the fact that they do not express it verbally, it is clear from their eyes, their body language, and the way they go about their daily lives. They yield to what life already wants to offer them, and they surrender to the destiny that has been written for their lives.

Think! What do you want to feel like when you reach old age. Whether you’re satisfied or defeated. It is not about the material; in fact, it is pointless because you will not be able to carry anything with you.

The knowledge with which we learned to live, however, remains with us, as does the joy of living a complete life, which can only be attained by fully experiencing and feeling each moment as it occurs.

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