Prentice Mulford’s work on the Law of Attraction

The California writer and literary humorist Prentice Mulford was born on April 5, 1834, and died on May 27, 1891. In addition, he played a crucial role in the evolution of New Thought philosophy.

From 1886 through 1892, he published a series of writings together titled Your Forces and How to Use Them, in which he elucidated many of the ideas that would become standard in the movement, including the Law of Attraction.

During his five years in San Francisco’s newspaper industry, Mulford earned the nickname “Bohemian” from many residents for his free-spirited attitude about wealth. As Mulford writes of himself in his autobiography, “poverty argued for us possession of more brains” (Prentice Mulford’s Story 130).

His funny writing style and detailed accounts of life in the mines and on the high seas made him well-known. In 1872, Mulford moved back to New York City, where he would go on to establish himself as a popular comedy speaker, poet, essayist, and newspaper columnist from 1875 until 1881.

Along with other important authors, Mulford was essential in the development of the new age philosophy known as “New Thought.” Mulford’s Thoughts are Things, which functioned as a manual for this new philosophy, remains in print.

Some of his well-known books on the Law of Attraction:

  • The Prentice Mulford Premium Collection
  • Thoughts are Things
  • Your Forces and How to Use Them
  • The Collected Works of Prentice Mulford
  • Your Thought Forces and How To Use Them


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