Positive Morning Affirmations

Positive Morning Affirmations to begin the day. It’s a fresh start every new day. It’s a new start and a blank canvas on which I may paint my reality.

Wake up, inhale the fragrance of a cup of coffee, envision my day on my lips with a smile, read positive affirmations and at the end of the day feel thankful for everything that is already being done.

I am the manifestation of perfection.

I attract miracles. The law of attraction works for me.

I just manifest perfection in all aspects of my life.

He loved and accepted me as I was.

I radiate security, joy, and confidence.

The only limits that exist are in my thoughts.

Every moment, the universe is drawing my desires towards me.

Every day I am better. 

Life is beautiful just the way it is.

All day I will be focused only on my goals.

I know that I can control any situation if I control my thoughts and attitudes.

I know that all unpleasant situations are temporary.

Today I feel stronger and happier.

You make the best decisions.

I attract only good things to my life.

The universe is a wonderful place where I can make all my dreams come true.

Today is the best day of my life.

The best affirmations to start the day with enthusiasm

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Most people start the day in an automaton, check through emails or messages on their cell phones and watch news on the TV, something that plunges us into a world that is hostile and makes us feel like that. 

The majority of people begin their days in a robotic manner, checking their e-mail or the messages on their mobile phone, turning up the television to watch the news, and doing other things that thrust us immediately into a hostile world and cause us to get depressed. Our days are constantly moving in that energy, taking us from one location to another and to the races without our having the least knowledge of the day we are living, let alone the day we are making.

Preparing for the day ahead of you by taking a little pause and becoming more aware of who you are, how you want to spend your time today, and the environment around you is my recommendation.

Affirmations to start the day

Every day is a blank canvas to paint my work on.

Today I am willing to not miss the opportunities that come my way to be happy.

I make the most of my free time.

I recognize my qualities and I use them to do wonderful things.

I accept the things that I can not change because I know they will soon pass.

Today I am committed to being a positive and happy person.

I love all the people who are part of my life. I know that I can learn something from all of them.

I believe each of my days. I do not allow others to believe my life.

Today I welcome new experiences and adventures with joy and enthusiasm.

My life is a constant personal growth.

Today I am not distracted by judging or criticizing anything or anyone. This takes away my energy.

I’m always on the lookout because I know wonderful things are coming.

I am enjoying my life today to the fullest.

With my positive attitude, I attract everything I want in my life.

My relationships fill me with satisfaction, peace and happiness.

On this day, I have everything I need to be happy.

I find joy in the happiness of others.

Today I focus on my next goal, because I know that it is close to becoming a reality.

I have no ears for people who make negative or pessimistic comments.

My world is perfect.

Today I see all people with eyes of love and tolerance.

I live in a safe and reliable world.

I deserve the best in life and I am ready to receive it.

I can see beauty in the simplest things in life and I enjoy them.

Good and happy people always come into my life.

I can recognize my mistakes and correct them without problems.

Every day is a learning school and today I am ready to learn.

I move only in the direction of success and happiness.

I let go of what does not serve me and does not help me to grow without any effort.

I have the best attitude to all the challenges that came my way today.

I eat consciously because my body is an important part of feeling good.

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