Affirmations to Attract Love

These affirmations are intended for use when you have reached a point in your life where you are at peace and content with your life and with yourself when you have healed old wounds and are ready to give and receive love again, without this being a requirement, but rather a complement to the fullness you already feel in your life. If you so want, you may learn everything you need to know about the power of positive affirmations right here.

25 Affirmations to attract love to your life

I am blessed with true love in my life.

Love comes into my life, bringing immense satisfaction.

I feel the energy of love flooding everything I do.

I am free when I am alone and when I am with my partner

My partner values me and respects me.

I burst in love with all the people around me.

They always come to me with healthy and transparent relationships.

I feel great about myself.

I feel beautiful and confident.

I eat well physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I appreciate the relationships I’ve had because they have prepared me for this perfect time.

I deserve to love and be loved.

Love only brings me enriching and happy experiences.

My partner loves me and accepts me as I am.

My life is blessed with love in all aspects.

I am open to receive the great love of my life.

I attract true love easily.

I feel loved and able to love.

I will recognize the right person to establish the relationship I want.

Love is in me and always brings me happiness.

No matter the unpleasant experiences of the past, the only important thing is that I am now prepared for a wonderful relationship.

Love comes into my life to stay and give me great moments of happiness.

I love myself and am ready to receive love in my life.

I am happy now and I can always be happy being alone or as a couple.

The love I surrender returns to me multiplied many times.

15 affirmations to attract the love of a woman

You have the ability to attract anything and everything into your life, and one of the things that provide us with the most happiness is experiencing the delight of receiving love in return.

Put aside the anxiety you have about attracting love, relax, and take the time to enjoy yourself and fall in love with life, even if the woman you are expecting hasn’t shown up yet.

Repeat the affirmations to attract the love of a woman with consistency, and welcome with delight the love of this person who you already know is on its way into your life.

Right now I’m attracting the love of my life.

I am emotionally prepared to love and be loved.

Vibro is the energy of love.

I am deserving of true love.

I am happy and I can make any woman happy.

I believe I can trust the woman I love.

I can attract the love of any woman I want.

I enjoy life next to the woman I love.

I attract a woman with whom we can grow together in all aspects of our lives.

I attract a woman who brings me peace, passion, and admiration.

I know how to use the law of attraction to attract a woman’s love.

My emotional balance allows me to have balanced, valuable, and lasting relationships.

My inner strength is projected by attracting the love of a great woman.

I am admired for who I am, and this attracts true love into my life.

I am the man that any woman would want to have by her side.

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