Money Affirmations

Powerful Affirmations to Attract Unexpected Financial Success Release my beliefs about scarcity, fear, and survival in order to replace them with powerful affirmations for unexpected money and to materialize the understanding of my own inherent wealth.

Emptying my head of any mental junk and filling it with powerful affirmations that attract the money that I desire into my life for myself and for all of mankind is what I do.

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Affirmations to attract quick money

Life is full of good surprises.

I am the wealth of God manifested.

I am rich, abundant and prosperous.

The money I spend, returns to me multiplied.

I flow with the energy of money.

Money is an energy that is attracted to my magnetism.

When I attract money, I do not take it away or harm anyone.

Money brings happiness to my life and that of my loved ones.

Money is everywhere.

My thoughts are always of abundance and wealth without any effort.

I can spend money on everything I like.

All my abilities I can easily turn into money.

I feel infinitely abundant.

I have the ability to generate wealth at any time.

Everything in life is possible.

I appreciate the wealth that is coming to me now.

Powerful affirmations to attract money

I see an abundance of money in all the businesses that I do. 

I always pay my bills on time and money is no problem for me.

Attracting money comes naturally to me.

I receive with full hands the money that always comes to me.

I tune in to the affirmations to attract money every morning.

Money is presented in my life through different means.

Money comes as an inexhaustible source of my life.

I choose to live a life where money flows, bringing blessings to everyone around me.

The things I get with my money are always for the better.

Life is wonderful and money helps me discover it.

My inner state of abundance and prosperity is reflected in my life.

I am one with the energy of money, carrying abundance and prosperity everywhere.

I open myself up to receiving all the universal wealth that I deserve.

I enjoy the things that I get with my money.

I attract money easily and consistently.

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