The Law of Assumption by Neville Goddard

According to Neville Goddard‘s lectures, the law of assumption is a law that perfectly matches the law of attraction in that it assumes no responsibility for the outcome.

The universe provides us with a variety of options for achieving our goals. Yet, each individual is both unique and distinct at the same time, and, as a result, what is offered to some may be more difficult to comprehend or implement for others.

One of the most essential things in life is to always be on the lookout for new opportunities that will allow us to always go ahead and go forward. The worst thing that can happen in our lives is to become stagnant or reliant on others to help us move forward.

Maintain a positive attitude of resilience no matter how many times you make errors or are disappointed; this will allow you to be your own teacher. Don’t give up, since we all have the potential to do what we set out to do.

Neville Goddard was a guy whom I really admired for his high level of consciousness and his tremendous teaching to mankind, despite the fact that he passed away at a time when it was not his time to do so.

With so much knowledge available at our fingertips, and with mankind currently undergoing a reawakening process, we now have a significant advantage.

The Law of Assumption was developed by Neville Goddard.

Listed below is a concise explanation of the major concepts of the law of assumption, which may be used to achieve almost any goal you set for yourself:

We all have wanted, and these wants are a divine prerogative that contributes to the advancement of the universe. With the realization of these aspirations, we have the ability to alter the course of history.

The most essential thing is imagination, and God himself is the source of all creativity.

First and foremost, you must be certain of what you desire. You have the option of making a wish for yourself or for someone else. It’s always a positive development.

All things are capable of being imagined and have been conceived prior to their manifestation.

The act of desiring a state entails the possession of that state. In other words, when we desire something, it is because it already exists; we just need to ascend beyond the current condition in order to see it manifest.

Consider yourself to be the person you wish to be and maintain your commitment to that premise.

Don’t take into consideration what your senses are telling you. If you divert your focus away from your sensations, the barrier between them will disappear.

If you can establish a level of inner calm and easy mindfulness inside yourself, you will be able to overcome any challenges.

Let’s pretend that you’ve already obtained what you want or that you’ve already achieved your desired state. This should be done until all of your senses confirm that it is real. In order to achieve this, you must also learn to regulate your attention.

All of life’s occurrences may be traced back to this inner being, which is known as conscious awareness. As a result, you are the one who is responsible for all of the occurrences in your life.

As a result, you are the one who is responsible for all of the occurrences in your life.

For the sake of your meditation, try to imagine that your friends already think of you as the person you wish to become.

Continue to assume your assumptions and do not take no for an answer. You have no choice but to persist in your assumption until it reveals itself in your life; you have no other choice.

The assumption is the act of elevating oneself above one’s current position or difficulty.

Imagine giving others beautiful and precious things, even if you don’t have them yourself; imagine continually giving money and many other things to other people, since we are all one; At a deeper level, you are giving these things to yourself.

In order for God’s expansion and return to unity to occur, the idea of separation that keeps us restricted must be eliminated.

In the beginning, we were all God. We each have an inner being and all the inner beings form the only perfect being: God, who was fragmented.

The enemies of man are within him, but man, not knowing this, lives fighting with others, but there are no others.

A man’s adversaries exist inside him, but he is unaware of this and lives his life battling with others, yet there are none.

Maintain your belief that you are the person that you want to be and keep this belief in mind when your body falls asleep at night. Your dreams will become a reality if you maintain this positive mindset.

You must accomplish what you are assuming to express in your life, even if it appears that you are a bit insane to others. You will undoubtedly appear insane to others. Nevertheless, you should not look at anything other than your lunacy, that is, your assumption of being who you want to be.

You must not delegate your authority to anybody other than the person who resides within you, and you must not place your faith in anyone else because, even if you can not see it, the being who appears to have more power, knowledge, or wisdom is the same as you. You don’t require the assistance of anyone in order to be who you want to be right now.

We all awaken to our divinity at some time, sooner or later, but this does not make us better or worse than others. No one is better than you, nor are you worse than anybody else; we are all equal in our divinity.

Never speak to yourself as “I will be,” but always as “I am.”

When you look at anything, what you perceive is determined less by what is actually there and more by what you believe is there when you look. The reality of what we perceive is just partially accurate.

The moment your way of viewing the world changes, when you no longer see the world from the perspective of the person who is assuming, but rather from the perspective of the new person that you have already supposed that you are, you know that your assumption will come true.

When we modify our lives in this manner, the changes we make will always be in harmony with one another.

One of the signs that you have successfully used the rule of assumption is that you will no longer have the sensation of want since you are already in possession of it; on the contrary, you will experience a deep sense of appreciation for what you have already received.

When you go to sleep without a worry in the world about what you desire, but with complete peace of mind, it is because you have already done an excellent job.

You must practice keeping your focus on the assumption until you are able to do it without thinking.

The process of assuming your new state involves dying in your former state and being born in your new state. You must learn to let go of the person you are at this moment.

The road to achieving your goal is as short as the distance between reality and your assumptions.

The Law of Assumption 

We learn as well from the law of assumption that it is not wrong to dream or wish; on the contrary, it is something natural and inherent to the human being; but, at the same time, the law of assumption makes it clear that we do not have to feel bad about it, nor do we have to hurt or take anything from anyone in order to achieve what we desire.

The universe has an infinite number of possibilities, but our limited human minds do not comprehend that the universe has an infinite number of ways to manifest and reinvent itself in order to satisfy all beings. All we have to do is be aware of this and always look for the best for all beings, including ourselves.

I must continue to operate under that premise until what I have assumed becomes objectively realised-Neville Goddard.

How to Create the Future-Law of Assumption

In his book “How to Alter the Future,” Neville introduces us to a number of fundamental principles that will aid us in our understanding of the law of assumption. Although the terminology and concepts used in this article differ from those used by the law of attraction to communicate with humans, they all refer to the same body of information. The following is a brief explanation of these concepts:

Silhouette of Man Raising His Hands confident

Neville Goddard’s “The Fourth Dimension” 

Human beings have the ability to perceive things in an invisible dimension before they are able to perceive them in our physical reality. Things that manifest in our physical reality do so as a result of following a plan, and this plan exists in another dimension, outside of this world, before becoming visible on earth.

If we are able to reach this dimension consciously, it indicates that we have the ability to change our future. It is a technique for measuring things that is known as a dimension. In the third dimension, which is where we exist and move, we measure everything in terms of its length, breadth, and height, as opposed to the first two dimensions.

However, every one of us has a fourth-dimensional self that is distinct from the rest of us. This article discusses the measurement of time, which is the fourth dimension. Everything can be measured in terms of time, and everything persists for a period of time, even if it is infinitely brief, but it is still quantifiable.

When things manifest in the third dimension, time is required as the medium for their manifestation, but in the fourth dimension, we may create things quickly if we can maintain our focus on what we want to see and remain in that assumption.

The greater the number of dimensions an item has, the more concrete and real it is. For this reason, the fourth dimension is more concrete and real than the third, and so on.

A solid is more concrete than a line, which has only two dimensions, and this, in turn, is more concrete than a point, which has only one measurement dimension. Solids are also more concrete than lines.

The future of man is flexible, and, as a consequence, it may produce a variety of outcomes. The key thing to remember is that we have the ability to select whatever outcome we want based on our attitudes.

When we make a decision about our future, we are determining our attitudes toward it. If we are successful in changing our concept of ourselves while maintaining our assumptions, this will invariably result in a change in our future experiences. Changing our concept of ourselves while maintaining our assumptions is not possible.

We can see this world through the eyes of a natural approach or carnal mind. This mind is ruled by the physical senses, and the only thing that exists is what we experience through them; we perceive the past and the future as being separate from the present instant, respectively.

This attitude makes us blind to the unseen world, despite the fact that it is just as real as the visible world. Through a spiritual perspective, known as the mind of Christ, we may get access to our reality. This refers to the imagination that is controlled by desire and sees the events of the time; the past and the future are experienced as solid facts and are thus included in the present moment.

To temporarily push our feelings out of our brains for a few seconds and concentrate on an unseen state by feeling in our preferred state, and then remaining in that sensation while continuing to act in everyday life as instructed by the rules of life, we do not need to possess any special talents. assumption.

The ability to perceive all things beyond the target may be developed through practice; all that is required is the ability to regulate one’s own fragmented thought process. This power permits us to alter the course of our lives in accordance with our desires. The criteria that must be met in order to employ the law of assumption method

This includes desires, inactivity in a condition similar to sleep or meditation, and your assumed assumptions in both the four-dimensional and three-dimensional universes.

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