Power Abuse Boss Dream Meaning

A dream that received power harassment from my boss

Michael’s Dream.

31 years old/Male/USA

It appears in my dream that I am currently experiencing power harassment from my boss, that I am able to sleep, and that I have experienced power harassment.”

One day, I’ll compile a list of the dreams I had while sleeping and finally falling asleep.

I was conducting an evaluation test of the next development robot in the company’s laboratory when the power harassment boss walked in and smacked it with a hammer, causing the next development robot to crash and burn.

“Why don’t you pay attention to what I’m saying?” I exclaimed at the time. This statement was made, and it was gradually demolished as if it were insane.

In my dreams, I was unable to deal with my boss, who was unwilling to comply; however, I believed this to be a dream and that I was required to get up early, but I was unable to do so.

The image that Michael felt dreaming of power harassment

“My boss has been harassing me with power and without regard for my well-being more than usual.

It is asserted that the order at the end of the phrase is intended to be abused by the watering theory and other such theories, and that the responsibility transfer and other such theories are intended to be abused, and that the damage is suffered. Every day, I’m in a stressed-out state, and this is what I’m dreaming about.”

strict boss

A study on the dream of receiving power harassment from the boss

Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the dream expresses his extreme anxiety due to the power harassment he receives on an almost daily basis as you can see in the details. No matter how many social problems you create, I understand that you must continue to send such unreasonable situations to your friends and family members.

Such unjustified power harassment was commonplace in a company where I used to work for a client’s trust and confidence. Extremely unreasonable behaviour based on the social perspectives of superiors and subordinates is completely unforgivable.

However, it is a fact that cannot be changed: there are people who continue to be treated in such a cruel and inhumane manner, resulting in physical and mental harm.

Because I have a strong sense of “overwhelm” as a feeling, I have the conviction that “I will never become involved with people who do not need to be involved.” If you quit your job, there is a restriction that you cannot live with, so the difficult reality that you have no choice but to live with will continue.

The fixed concept that you can’t live without working for a company

Even though it may seem harsh, there are many people who believe that if you don’t work, you won’t be able to live as a fixed concept in the absolute sense.

Companies hire you and compensate you as a result of the compensation you generate among their employees. Think about it: the company receives some compensation for your efforts, as you can see.

If you work for yourself at the same time and with the same effort, you will reap the benefits of both worlds, with the exception of taxation. Furthermore, even if you had worked with that in mind, you would have never imagined that you would be able to achieve financial independence.

To give you an example, in a world where the Internet is now the norm, the type of work that is required to maintain physical space is already obsolete. Put another way, having “inventory” is only a risk, and people who have discovered a mechanism that allows them to make money without having “inventory” are enjoying greater independence and earning more money than salaried employees.

You shouldn’t be involved in the rotten boss of power harassment.

Of course, I won’t say anything irresponsible, but it’s the quickest and most convenient way to deal with a rotten person who is originally motivated by power.

You have your own life, and it’s pointless and depressing to continue devoting the majority of your time to a power-hungry boss. As things stand, it’s unlikely that the boss will ever change his mind.

Regardless of whether or not someone is good or bad, if you don’t change, the environment will continue, and even if the environment changes, you may repeat the same actions. No matter how diligently you’ve performed your duties, it’s more realistic to believe that unreasonable behavior and it will continue unabated without intervention.

In any case, it’s critical to maintain a sense of balance with your current life while also remaining focused on the goal of remaining engaged with your boss.

In addition, by sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences on the Internet, you will gain a great deal of empathy.

What action should you take if you dream of power harassment?

To be clear, it is the most tragic that it is taken for granted that one must endure it, despite the fact that it is done in a cruel enough manner to warrant an appeal. Of course, there is no issue at all with your genuine appeal, but you can appreciate the position you are in within the company and the fear of retaliation from the boss.

In order to “record” what you should do based on your dreams and what is actually happening, you must first “dream record.”

In addition, by publishing the contents, you will be able to step into a new realm of possibilities. Because it is pointless to accumulate more grudges, please document your experiences, stories, and sufferings to the extent that you are not aware of with you or your boss and make them public to the entire world to learn from them.

He writes about his experiences and sufferings anonymously on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and so on. This will be an excellent weapon that will also serve as your life force. I believe we are living in a very difficult and challenging environment, but if we can keep our eyes on the future, the world will change for the better.

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