Loop Dream Meaning

I have a similar dream over and over again

35 YO/Daniel

I frequently see the same dream many times, or I have actually visited a location that I have only ever dreamed of visiting, but I had never thought I had ever seen the same dream many times, but when I was a child, I remembered the dream I had had many times, and I was surprised.

I believe I was sleeping in my bed, which felt like the bottom of a deep, dark pit.

In my dream, I was being dragged by the bottom of the earth, where I could see a ray of light shining from a high point as far as the heavens, and I felt sick, sick, sick, and I woke up feeling sick.

As a result, I believe it has had a dream in which it wakes up repeatedly when the foot becomes entangled and running becomes impossible as though the other one is being pursued by the enemy; it finally succumbs to the enemy, pretending to be killed while it roars and waits.

spiral concrete staircase loop dream meaning

A phenomenon happens after you dream

It occurs to me that whenever I had a bad dream at the bottom of this pit, I would always wake up with a cold the next morning.

However, after approximately ten years, I believe that this dream has not been realised in any way. I believe this is also the reason why I was chased because boys were frequently bullied when I was in elementary school, which I believe was the case.

Even though I’ve never told anyone about my dream of being at the bottom of the earth, when I talked about various things before my mother died, I mentioned that I’d had a difficult birth, and the doctor told me that I was born just as I was about to have a caesarean section performed.

I thought it was a very traumatic experience.

The meaning of “loop phenomenon” that sees the same dream repeatedly

We will consider the concept of “loop” as the central theme of this dream, which refers to the phenomenon of having the same dream over and over again.

There are two types of patterns in dreams like this: a pattern in which you “realise that it’s the same dream again in a dream” and a pattern in which you “remember that it’s the same dream again in a dream.”

However, from the perspective of the sense that it is natural to see a “different dream every time” in normal daily life, dreams and reality may appear to be diametrically opposed to one another.

Thus, it is similar to having a dream with specific content and regularity, but because it is a dream in which the recognition that a dream is not regular is a natural occurrence, it can be assumed that “seeing the same dream repeatedly” contains a mysterious message in and of itself.

Dreams are images of the subconscious

Naturally, there are a variety of theories, but I believe that the interpretation of “repeatedly dreaming the same dream” is more accurate because it is a direct message with a blurred line between dreams and reality that is less unrealistic.

It does not imply that the content of a dream is realistic; rather, it indicates that the message conveyed by a dream is extremely closely related to reality.

Take, for example, the feeling that you will always get a cold or sick after having a dream. You can see how dreams and reality are intertwined in this instance. in terms of dream interpretation, it does not necessarily follow that “a dream in a state sleeping in a bed like the bottom of a dark ground” itself becomes “cold or sick,” but rather that the image is a trigger for each individual, rather than an image that is shared by all.

As a result, rather than the concept of deciphering dreams, you can simply see that “when Daisy is about to get sick or cold, I’m telling her that a dream like this will serve as a trigger for her.”

What is the part that you pay attention to when you see a dream of the same content repeatedly?

When you have a dream with the same content over and over again, it is necessary to consider whether there is a commonality between “dream and reality” as a part to pay attention to.

“I had a dream.”

“Can you tell me what happened in reality?” he asked.

By being aware of this, you will be able to understand why your dream is showing you the same content as your previous dream.

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“Useful” messages from dreams

A dream is a manifestation of the subconscious, and you may believe that the hidden consciousness within yourself manifests itself as a dream.

Being that visual imagery is intimately linked to both reality and deeper psychological understanding, there are many instances in which the meaning is hidden somewhere, even when it is a dream that has no meaning at all.

Looking at the same dreams, again and again, reveals that the links are working harder and conveying a more powerful message to the subconscious.

It is more likely that if you have a dream like this that you will be able to change the current situation for the better by thinking about how to act from it rather than simply seeing it.

If you can predict whether or not you will “catch a cold” when you dream, you can take precautions to avoid getting sick. You may even be able to keep them from becoming ill.

Beyond deciding that “it will always be this way because you dreamed,” the dream conveys an image of how to act from there, resulting in the ability to change reality for the better by having a sense of using it properly.

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